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ISO 10074-2017 pdf free download

ISO 10074-2017 pdf free download.Anodizing of aluminium and its alloys — Specification for hard anodic oxidation coatings on aluminium and its alloys
Anodisation de Ialuminium et de ses alliages — Specification pour I’anodisation dure de Ialuminium et des alliages d’aluminium.
lot acceptance test
test on a production lot (3d) to determine its conformance to specified requirements
4 Material classification
The properties and characteristics of hard anodic oxidation coatings are significantly affected by both the alloy and the method of production.
Consequently, for the purposes of this document, materials are classified into five alloy groupings as follows.
— Class 1: all wrought alloys except those in Class 2.
— Class 2 (a): alloys of the 2 000 series including alloys that contain more than 5% copper.
— Class 2(b): alloys of the 5000 series containing 2% or more magnesium and alloys of the 7000 series.
— Class 3 (a): casting alloys with less than 2 % copper and/or 8 % silicon.
— Class 3 (b): other casting alloys.
Information to be supplied by the customer to the anodizer shall be in accordance with Annex A.
5 Appearance
The significant surface shall be completely anodized and the visual appearance shall be substantially uniform. There shall be no spalling, blistering or powdery (burnt) areas. Visual examination shall be a lot acceptance test.
Crazing or microcracks shall not normally be a reason for rejection.
6 Thickness
Thickness measurements shall be made on the significant surfaces, but not within 5 mm of contact (jigging) marks, nor in the immediate neighbourhood of a sharp edge.
Measurement shall be made using either the non-destructive eddy current method described in ISO 2360 or the destructive microscopical method described in ISO 1463. In the case of a dispute, the microscopical method (ISO 1463) shall be used.
Measurement of thickness or, where relevant, final dimensions shall be dealt with in a lot acceptance test.
7 Surface density
The surface density (coating mass per unit area), when measured in accordance with ISO 2106 on unsealed anodic oxidation coatings with a nominal thickness of 50 im ± 5 aim, shall have the minimum values given in Tablel.
lithe coating thickness is not 50 rim, the surface density shall be corrected proportionately.
WARNING — The method specified in ISO 2106 requires the use of a reagent containing chromium(VI). Chromium(VI) is toxic and its solutions are hazardous to the environment and severely hazardous to waters.ISO 10074-2017 pdf free download.

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