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ISO 3506-2-2009 pdf free download

ISO 3506-2-2009 pdf free download.Mechanical properties of corros ionresistant stainless steel fasteners — Part 2:Nuts
CaractOristiques mécaniques des ôlôments de fixation en acier inoxydable resistant a Ia corrosion — Partie 2: Ecrous.
A.2.3 Steel grade A2
Steels of grade A2 are the most frequently used stainless steels. They are used for kitchen equipment and apparatus for the chemical industry. Steels within this grade are not suitable for use in non-oxidizing acid and agents with chloride content. i.e. in swimming pools and sea water.
A.2.4 Steel grade A3
Steels of grade A3 are stabilized “stainless steels” with properties of steels of grade A2.
A.2.5 Steel grade A4
Steels of grade A4 are “acid proof steels”, which are Mo alloyed and give a considerably better resistance to corrosion. A4 is used to a great extent by the cellulose industry, as this steel grade is developed for boiling sulfuric acid (hence the name “acid proof”) and is, to a certain extent, also suitable in an environment with chloride content. A4 is also frequently used by the food industry and by the shipbuilding industry.
A.2.6 Steel grade A5
Steels of grade A5 are stabilized “acid proof steels” with properties of steels of grade A4.
A.3 Steel group F (ferritic structure)
A.3.1 General
One femtic steel grade, Fl, is induded in ISO 3506 (all parts). The steels within Fl cannot normally be hardened and should not be hardened even if possible in certain cases. The Fl steels are magnetic.
A.3.2 Steel grade Fl
Steels of grade Ft are normally used for simpler equipment with the exception of the superferrites, which have extremely low C and N contents. The steels within grade Fl can, if need be. replace steels of grades A2 and A3 and be used in an environment with a higher chloride content.
A.4 Steel group C (martensitic structure) A.4.l General.ISO 3506-2-2009 pdf free download.

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