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ISO 659-2009 pdf free download

ISO 659-2009 pdf free download.Oilseeds Determination of oil content (Reference method)
Graines oleagineuses — Determination de Ia teneur en huile (MOthode de référence).
The gnnding of very oily seeds can often be improved if the seeds are first frozen at -10 °C to -20 °C, but great care shall be taken to avoid condensation of moisture onto the seeds during and after grinding.
8.3.5 Sunflower seed
Determine the moisture and volatile-matter content of the sunflower seed (as received) on the whole seed in accordance with ISO 665. taking care to observe strictly the drying periods laid down in the method specified in ISO 665. Record the result of this moisture and volatile-matter determination (Ui).
Grind the test sample in a mechanical mill (6.2). During grinding, the mill shall be fed slowly with the sunflower seeds to prevent a paste being formed. A mechanical mill with a 1 mm screen has been found to be suitable, If a screen-type mill is not used, sieve through a 2 mm sieve and regrind the material which does not pass through the sieve until the major dimension of the particles is not greater than 2 mm. Collect all the sievings. mix carefully and, without delay, determine the moisture and volatile-matter content in accordance with ISO 665. taking care to observe strictly the drying periods laid down in ISO 665.
Record the result of the moisture and volatile-matter determination on the ground seed (Li) and carry out the oil extraction on the ground seed as specified in Clause 9.
8.3.6 Cottonseed
Weigh, to the nearest 1 mg. into a tared metal dish (6.12) about 159 of the sample as received. Place the dish and seeds in the oven (6.11), previously heated to 130 °C, and leave to dry for 2 h at (130 ± 2) C. Then remove the dish from the oven and allow to cool in air for about 30 mm. Transfer the whole test portion to a mill (6.2) and grind to break up the seeds and linters. Transfer the ground material to an extraction thimble (6.4) and proceed with the determination.
8.3.7 Small seeds (linseed, rapeseed, etc.)
Take a representative portion of approximately 100 g from the sample as received and grind it in a mechanical mill (6.2) so that no whole seeds remain. Ensure that any fine material remaining in the mill is incorporated into the bulk of the ground material and that the whole is thoroughly mixed. Care shall be taken that moisture is not lost from the ground test sample.
The grinding time and speed (if variable) shall be predetermined for a particular mill and seed. The grinding shall not cause segregation of the ‘meat and Thusks” of the seed, the test sample shall not be oily and at least a mass fraction of 95 % shall pass a 1 mm sieve.
If the oil content in the seed free from impurities is required, remove the impurities by the method given in
ISO 658 and prepare at least 30 g of cIean” seed (including broken seed), as it is impracticable to prepare
100 g of very small seed such as sesame seed.ISO 659-2009 pdf free download.

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