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ISO 287-2009 pdf free download

ISO 287-2009 pdf free download.Paper and board — Determination of moisture content of a lot — Oven-drying method
Papier et carton — Determination de Ia teneur en humidité dun lot — Méthode par séchage a l’étuve.
8.2.2 When the unit Is composed of elements
Select reams, parcels, etc. in accordance with ISO 186 and proceed as specified in to as
appropriate. Average moisture content, grammage < 225 gIm2
From the centre of each ream or parcel, take at least four consecutive sheets and then proceed as specified in 8.2,1.1. Average moisture content. grammage 225 gIm2
From the centre of each ream or parcel, take at least four consecutive sheets and then proceed as specified
in Variation In moisture content of the sheets
To determine the variation in moisture content between the centre and edges of the sheet, select a layer of sheets in accordance with or and proceed as specified in
8.2.3 When the unit is a reel Average moisture content
Discard all damaged layers from the exterior of the reel. Discard also at least three undamaged layers if the grammage is less than 225 g/m2 or at least one undamaged layer if the grammage is greater than or equal to 225 g/m2. The number of layers discarded may need to be increased according to the efficiency of wrapping and influence of storage conditions.
Take, by cutting in the cross-direction, a layer of thickness at least 5 mm across the full width of the reel and lay it out flat. From the selected layer. take sets of strips having a width between 50 mm and 75 mm in the machine direction and a length not less than 150 mm. Cut one set of strips from near each reel edge and another set from the region of the mid-point between the edges, or cut a set of strips from the complete width of the reel. Take care not to separate either the sheets comprising the layer or the strips comprising a set.
Discard the top and bottom strip from each set of strips; the remainder together constitutes a test piece and shall have a mass of at least 50 g. Quickly fold or cut the strips comprising the test piece and enclose them together in a container Weigh the container with its contents and calculate the mass of the test piece at the time of sampling. rn0.
Prepare duplicate pieces for each unit and position sampled.
Where the bulk of a 50 g test piece is very large, as for instance for very lightweight papers, a smaller mass of at least 25 may be used. If a smaller mass is used, state this mass in the test report.ISO 287-2009 pdf free download.

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