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ISO 725-2009 pdf free download

ISO 725-2009 pdf free download.ISO inch screw threads – Basic dimensions Filetages ISO en inches – Dimensions de base.
This ISO 725 specifies the basic dimensions, in inches. of ISO inch screw threads in accordance with ISO 263. The values refer to the basic profile in accordance with ISO 68-2.
2 Symbols
1) basic major diameter of internal thread (nominal diameter)
d basic major diameter of external thread (nominal diameter)
1)2 basic pitct diameter of internal thread
“2 basic pitch diameter of external thread
D1 basic minor diameter of internal thread
d basic minor diameter of external thread
H height of fundamental triangle
n number of threads per inch (25,4 mm)
3 Basic dimensions
Dimensions shall be In accordance with Figure 1 and given in Table 1.
The values of D2, “2 D1 and S1 have been calculated from the following equations and rounded, in Table 1, to the fourth decimal place:ISO 725-2009 pdf free download.

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