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ISO 10133-2012 pdf free download

ISO 10133-2012 pdf free download.Small craft Electrical systems Extralow-voltage d.c. installations
Petits navires — Systèmes électriques — Installations a très basse tension a courant continu.
7.3 Conductors and cables shall be supported throughout their length in conduits, cable trunking or trays, or by individual supports at maximum intervals of 450 mm.
7.4 Sheathed conductors and battery conductors to the battery disconnect switch shall be supported at maximum Intervals of 300 mm with the first support not more than 1 m from the terminal, and other sheathed conductors at maximum intervals of 450 mm.
EXCEPTION Sheathed outboard starter motor conductors.
7.5 Conductors which could be exposed to physical damage shall be protected by sheaths, conduits or other equivalent means. Conductors which could be exposed to physical damage, including those passing through bulkheads or structural members, routing near sharp edges and any area where chafing may occur, shall be protected against insulation damage by chafing.
7.6 Conductors shall have minimum dimensions in accordance with Table A.2. or the conductor manufacturer’s rated current amperage and allowable voltage drop for the load to be carried. See 4.7 and 4.8.
7.7 Each conductor longer than 200 mm installed separately shall have an area of at least 1 mm2, Each
conductor in a multi-conductor sheath shall have an area of at least 0,75 mm2 and can extend out of the sheath
a distance not exceeding 800 mm.
EXCEPTION Conductors of minimum 0,75 mm2 used as internal wiring In panel boards.
7.8 Conductors of a d.c. circuit shall not be contained in the same wiring system as an a.c. circuit, unless one of the following methods of separation is used:
a) for a multicore cable or cord, the cores of the d.c. circuit are separated from the cores of the a.c. circuit by an earthed metal screen of equivalent current-carrying capacity to that of the largest core In either circuit:
b) the cables are insulated for their system voltage and installed in a separate compartment of a cable conduit or trunking system;
c) the cables are installed on a tray or ladder where physical separation is provided by a partition;
d) separate conduits. sheathings or trunking systems are used:
e) the d.c and ac. conductors are fixed directly to a surface and separated by at least 100 mm.
7.9 All equipotential bonding conductors shall be identified by green or green with a yellow stripe insulation, or can be uninsulated. Conductors with green or green with a yellow stripe insulation shall not be used for current-carrying conductors.
NOTE The protective conductors of the a.c. electrical system (see ISO 13297) also uses green or green with a yellow stripe insulation and may be connected to the craft engine d.c. negative terminal.ISO 10133-2012 pdf free download.

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