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ISO 1043-2-2011 pdf free download

ISO 1043-2-2011 pdf free download.Plastics — Symbols and abbreviated terms — Part 2:Fillers and reinforcing materials
Plastiques — Symboles et termes abrégés — Partie 2: Charges et matériaux de renforcement.
This part of ISO 1043 specifies uniform symbols for terms referring to fillers and reinforcing materials. It includes only those symbols that have come into established use, and its main aim is both to prevent the occurrence of more than one symbol for a given filler or reinforcing material and to prevent a given symbol being interpreted in more than one way.
NOTE For symbols and abbreviated terms for basic polymers and their special characteristics, see ISO 1043-1, for plasbcizers see ISO 1043-3, and, for flame retardants, see ISO 1043-4,
2 Use of the symbols
2.1 The symbols for fillers and reinforcing materials are specified in Subclause 3.1 and the symbols for their form and/or structure are specified in Subclause 3.2.
2.2 Only capital letters shall be used, except for chemical symbols.
2.3 The type of filler or reinforcing material shall be represented by the first letter and its physical form Or structure by the second letter.
NOTE There are exceptions requiring the use of one or more further letters, as indicated In Tables 1 and 2.
EXAMPLE I GF is the symbol for glass In the form of fibre.
EXAMPLE 2 GCM is the symbol for glass in the form of chopped-strand mat
2.4 Mixtures of materials or forms may be indicated by combining the relevant symbols using a ‘+“ sign and enclosing the whole in parentheses.
There should be no space before or after the +“ sign.
EXAMPLE (GF+MD) is the symbol for a mixture of glass fibres (GF) and mineral powder (MD).
2.5 The further information required for metals shall be indicated by the chemical symbol in parentheseS.
EXAMPLE MED(AI) is the symbol for aluminium powder.ISO 1043-2-2011 pdf free download.

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