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ISO 10545-14-2015 pdf free download

ISO 10545-14-2015 pdf free download.Ceramic tiles — Part 14:Determination of resistance to stains
Carreaux et dalles céramiques — Partie 14: Determination de la résistance aux taches.
5.3 Auxiliary apparatus
5.3.1 Drying oven, capable of being operated at (105 ± 5) °C.
Microwave, infrared, or other drying systems which allow shorter drying times, may be used provided that it has been determined that the same results are obtained.
6 Test specimens
Five unused and undamaged test specimens shall be used, and they shall consist of whole tiles or cut tiles.
For ceramic tiles that have some surface treatment, it should be tested upon agreement by the parties concerned.
However, a sufficient surface area is required to ensure separation of the stains. If the tiles are too small, additional ones may be used. Do not use test specimens with surface defects. Thoroughly clean the surface with a suitable solvent, for example, ethanol. Dry each test specimens in the drying oven (5.3) maintained over (105 ± 5) °C during at least 2 h, and then, cool them until they reach room temperature. Test specimens shall be tested not later than 3 h after they have reached room temperature.
If it is agreed to test tiles after abrasion (glazed and unglazed tiles), the samples shall be prepared according to the procedure specified in ISO 10545-7.The abrasion stage (cycles or revolutions) should be agreed by the parties concerned.
7 Procedure
7.1 Application of the staining agent
Spread three or four drops of the paste (LU or 4.1.2) on the proper surface. Allow three or four drops of each of the liquids 4.2J. and 4.il) to cover separate areas of the test surface. Place a convex watch glass with a diameter of approximately 30 mm (convex side down) on the applied drops, in order to spread them to an approximately circular area. Leave staining agents and the watch glass in place for 24 h.
7.2 Attempts to remove stains
Subject the test specimens, treated according to Z.L successively to the cleaning procedures described in 5.2 (procedures A, B, C, and D).
After each cleaning procedure, dry the test specimens in the oven maintained over (105 ± 5) °C during at least 2 h and subject them to a visual examination. Examine the surface with the naked eye or with spectacles, if usually worn, at a distance of 25 cm to 30 cm in artificial illumination minimum of 300 lx.ISO 10545-14-2015 pdf free download.

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