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ISO 1071-2015 pdf free download

ISO 1071-2015 pdf free download.Welding consumables — Covered electrodes, wires, rods and tubular cored electrodes for fusion welding of cast iron — Classification
Produit.s consominables pour le soudage — Electrodes enrobees, Jils d’apport, baguettes etfulsfourrés pour Ic soudage par fusion de Ia fonte — Classification.
5 Mechanical tests
The mechanical properties of the all-weld metal are not part of the classification.
NOTE I The mechanical properties and the microstructure of similar weld metal largely correspond with those of the parent metal. They mainly depend on. for example, preheating. thermal conditions during welding, and cooling rate. The indication of compulsory mechanical properties is not possible.
NOTE 2 The tensile test is used to describe the mechanical properties of the dissimilar all-weld metal. Ii is performed with all-weld metal (as welded) In accordance with ISO 15792-1:2000/Amd:2011, type 1.3.
6 Chemical analysis
The chemical analysis of rod/wire electrodes shall be performed on samples of the product or the stock from which it is made.
The chemical analysis of covered electrodes and tubular cored electrodes shall be performed on any suitable all-weld metal test specimen. In case of dispute, the test specimen specified in ISO 6847 shall be used.
The test results shall meet the requirements of Table 2 or Table 3 for the classification under test. Any analytical technique can be used, but in case of dispute, reference shall be made to established published methods (see Refererences 111.121, and 131)•
7 Rounding procedure
For the purposes of determining compliance with the requirements of this International Standard, the actual test values obtained shall be subject to ISO 80000-1:2009, 3.3, Rule A. lithe measured values are obtained by equipment calibrated In units other than those of this International Standard, the measured values shall be converted to the units of this International Standard before rounding.
If an arithmetic average value is to be compared to the requirements of this International Standard, rounding shall be done only after calculating the arithmetic average, lithe test method cited in C.1aus..2 contains instructions for rounding that conflict with the instructions of this International Standard. the rounding requirements of the test method standard shall apply. The rounded results shall fulfil the requirements of the appropriate table for the classification under test.
8 Retests
lithe results of any test fail to meet the requirement, that test shall be repeated twice. The results of both retests shall meet the requirement. Specimens for retest could be taken from the original test assembly or from a new test assembly using parent metals of the same type, welding consumables from the same production lot, and the same welding procedure as used for the first test assembly. For chemical analysis, retest need be only for those specific elements that failed to meet the test requirement.
lithe results of one or both retests fail to meet the requirement, the material under test shall be considered as not meeting the requirements of this specification for that classification.
In the event that during preparation or after completion of any test it is clearly determined that prescribed or proper procedures were not followed in preparing the weld test assembly or test specimen(s) or in conducting the test, the test shall be considered invalid without regard to whether the test was actually completed or whether the test results met or failed to meet the requirement. That test shall be repeated following proper prescribed procedures. In this case, the requirement for doubling the number of test specimens does not apply.
9 Technical delivery conditions
The technical delivery conditions shall meet the requirements in Iso 544. The requirements for the cast rod and for the covered electrode with cast core rod shall be defined separately.
10 Designation
The designation of the consumables shall follow the principle given in the examples below.
EXAMPLE I A cast rod for oxy-fuel gas welding (R) with a chemical composition within the limits for the alloy symbol FeC-I o[Tibtr 2 is designated as follows:
Cast rod ISO 1071 – R C FeC-I
EXAMPLE 2 A wire electrode for gas shielded nwtal arc welding (S) with a chemical composition within the limits for the alloy symbol N1Fe-2 of Table 3 is designated as follows:ISO 1071-2015 pdf free download.

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