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ISO 10711-2012 pdf free download

ISO 10711-2012 pdf free download.Intelligent Transport Systems — Interface Protocol and Message Set Definition between Traffic Signal Controllers and Detectors
SystOmes intelligents de transport — Protocole d’interface et definition des ensembles de messages entre regulateurs de signaux de circulation et détecteurs.
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 15784-3 and the following apply.
occupancy based detector
detector that detects vehicles and traffic characteristics based on the state of the occupancy using methods such as loop or magnetic detectors
image processing based detector
detector that detects vehicles based on the real-time image data from the digital camera which has virtual sensing lines for estimating queue length or other parameters in approaching lanes
vehicle Identification based detector
detector that detects vehicle identities based on wireless communication with tags or on-board units (OBU) in the vehicle, WhiCh transmits the vehicles identity information to the traffic signal controller
detection zone
area on the road surface where the target or the group of targets actuates the detector
NOTE Adapted from DSIENV 13563.
detector information type
information type that designates the type of information from linked detectors which can be occupancy based. image processing based or vehicle identification based
direction discrimination
direction of travel of a target within the detection zone
NOTE Adapted from DS?ENV 13563.
4 Abbreviated terms
For the purposes of this document, the following abbreviated terms apply.
I PMSTSCD Interface Protocol and Message Set Definition between Traffic Signal Controllers and Detectors MIB Management Information Base.
5 Interface protocol for traffic controller
5.1 Relationship to other standards
For the interface, this International Standard defines for each application the scope of the
1) framework in the protocol stack.
2) object encoding rules, and
3) transportation management protocol.
The interface defined within this International Standard secures interoperability by adopting the lower layer of the protocol stack and specified standards for encoding rules, transport management rules and data structures. The criteria for detector controller and traffic signal controller define the designating method for the detectors.
The information should be exchanged according to the protocol profile defined in ISO 15784-3 and
ISO 14827-2.
5.2 Identification detector index
5.2.1 IdentIfication method
A traffic signal controller collects data from each connected detector controller using the message sets defined in this International Standard. Each detector controller reports information about its detectors, with each detector identified by a unique sequential identifier. However, since the traffic signal controller may be connected to multiple detector controllers, the traffic signal controller shall, where required, support a crossreference table that translates the local detector identifier into an identifier that is unique for the entire scope of the traffic signal operation, as shown in Figure 2.ISO 10711-2012 pdf free download.

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