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ISO 10816-7-2009 pdf free download

ISO 10816-7-2009 pdf free download.Mechanical vibration — Evaluation of machine vibration by measurements on non-rotating parts — Part 7:Rotodynamic pumps for industrial applications, including measurements on rotating shafts
Vibrations mécaniques — Evaluation des vibrations des machines par mesurages sur les parties non toumantes — Partie 7: Pampas rotodynamiques pour applications industrielles, y compris mesurages sur las arbres toumants.
the rotating and stationary parts. Therefore, the maximum bearing vibration (and also the maximum shaft vibration, see Annex B) during transient operations should be below the upper limit of zone C (see Clause 5).
4.2 Evaluation of bearing housing vibration
4.2.1 Criterion I: Vibration magnitude
This criterion is concerned with defining limits for vibration magnitude consistent with acceptable dynamic loads on the bearings and acceptable vibration transmission into the environment. The maximum vibration magnitude observed at each bearing is assessed against the evaluation zones (see 5.2). The permissible limits for each zone have been established from international experience and are given in Table Al and Table A.2.
4.2.2 Criterion II: Change in vibration magnitude
This criterion provides an assessment of a change in vibration magnitude from a previously established reference value. A significant change in broad-band vibration magnitude can occur which requires some action even though the limits of zone C as given in Table A.1 and Table A.2 have not been reached, Such changes can be instantaneous or progressive with time and may indicate incipient damage or some other irregularity. Criterion II is specified on the basis of a change In broad-band vibration magnitude occurring under steady-state operating conditions. Steady-state operating conditions should be interpreted to include changes within the range of testing tolerances of machine power or operating conditions,
When Criterion II is applied, the vibration measurements being compared shall be taken at the same transducer location and orientation, and under approximately the same pump operating conditions. Obvious changes in the normal vibration magnitudes, regardless of their total amount, should be investigated so that a dangerous situation can be avoided. When an increase or decrease in vibration magnitude exceeds 25 % of the upper value of zone B, as given in Table A.1 and Table A.2, such changes should be considered significant, particularly if they are sudden. Diagnostic investigations, e.g. using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) spectrum, should then be initiated to ascertain the reason for the change (unbalance, cavitation, damage to the bearings, etc.) and to determine what further actions are appropriate.
4.3 Evaluation based on vibration vector information
The evaluation considered in this part of ISO 10816 is limited to broad-band vibration without reference to frequency components or phase. This will, in most cases, be adequate for acceptance testing and for operational monitoring purposes. However, for long-term condition monitoring purposes and for diagnostics, the use of vibration vector information is particularly useful for detecting and defining changes in the dynamic state of a pump. In some cases, these changes would go undetected when using only broad-band vibration measurements (for more details, see ISO 10816-1:1995. Annex D).
Phase- and frequency-related vibration information are being used increasingly for monitoring and diagnostic purposes. The specification of criteria for this, however, is beyond the present scope of this part of ISO 10816.ISO 10816-7-2009 pdf free download.

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