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ISO 10878-2013 pdf free download

ISO 10878-2013 pdf free download.Non-destructive testing — Infrared thermography — Vocabulary
Essais non destructifs — Thermographie infrarouge — Vocabulaire.
1 .38
foreground temperature
temperature of the scene behind and surrounding the instrument, as viewed from the target
NOTE 1 This is often referred to as Instrument background temperature or as Observer background temperature NOTE 2 See ambisnt temperature.
1 .39
frame averaging
addition of images and the division of their total for signal to noise ratio (signal level to noise level) improvement
1 .40
frame repetition rate
number of full fields of view scanned per second
frame time
time needed to obtain signal information in all field elements, or pixels)
1 .42
grey body
object whose emissivity is constant (less than 1) in a particular spectral range
1 .43
image display tone
grey shade or colour hue on a thermogram
1 .44
image processing
converting an image to digital form and further enhancing the Image to prepare it for computer or visual analysis
NOTE For an infrared image or thermogram. image processing can include temperature scaling, spot temperature measurements, thermal profiles, image manipulation, subtraction, and storage.
1 .45
imaging line scanner line scanner
line-scanning (one-dimensional) device which images perpendicularly to a scan direction to produce a two- dimensional image of a scene
1 .46
imaging radiometer
infrared thermal imager or point infrared sensor that can provide thermal images from which quantitative temperature measurements are possible
infrared camera infrared thermography camera IRT camera
instrument that collects the infrared radiant energy from a target and produces an image in monochrome
(black and white) or colour, where the grey shades or colour hues are related to target apparent temperature distribution.
NOTE Such images are sometimes called infrared thermograms.
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ISO 10878:2013(E)
1 .46.2
infrared imaging system infrared thermal imager
instrument that converts spatial variations of surface infrared radiation to grey tones or colours corresponding to radiation power (temperature)
NOTE See infrared camera
1 .46.3
Infrared therm ographic instrument
instrument that converts infrared radiant energy to a temperature and displays a thermogram
1 .47
Indium antimonide.ISO 10878-2013 pdf free download.

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