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ISO 11090-2-2014 pdf free download

ISO 11090-2-2014 pdf free download.Test conditions for die sinking electrodischarge machines (die sinking EDM) Testing of the accuracy Part 2:Double-column machines (slide-head type)
Conditions d’essai des machines d’électroérosion en plongée (EDM en plongée) — Con trôle de l’exactitude — Partie 2: Machines a deux montants (type a tête mobile).
5 Preliminary remarks
5.1 Measurement units
In this part of ISO 11090, all linear dimensions, deviations, and corresponding tolerances are expressed in millimetres. Angular dimensions are expressed in degrees and angular deviations and the corresponding tolerances are expressed primarily in ratios, but in some cases, microradians or arcseconds can be used for clarification purposes. The following expression should be used for the conversion of angular deviations or tolerances:
0,0 10/1 000=10×10-610 prad2”
5.2 Reference to ISO 230-1
For the application of this part of ISO 11090, reference shall be made to ISO 230-1 especially for the installation of the machine before testing, warming up of the spindle and other moving parts, the description of measu ring methods, and recommended accu racy of testing equipment.
In the “Observations block of the tests described in Clauses 6.. Z and 8. the instructions are preceded with reference to the corresponding claLlse/subclause in ISO 230-1 in cases where the test concerned is in compliance with the specifications. Tolerances are given for each geometric test (see Gi to G12).
5.3 Machine levelling
Prior to conducting tests on a machine, the machine should be levelled according to the recommendations of the manufacturer/supplier (see ISO 230-1:2012,6.1.2).
5.4 Testing sequence
The sequence in which the geometric tests are given in no way defines the practical order of testing. In order to make the mounting of instruments or gauging easier, the tests can be performed in any order.
5.5 Tests to be performed
When testing a machine tool, it is not always necessary or possible to carry out all the tests given In this part of ISO 11090. When the tests are required for acceptance purposes, the choice of tests relating to the components and/or the properties of the machine of interest is at the discretion of the user, in agreement with the manufacturer/supplier. The tests to be used are to be clearly stated when ordering a machine tool. A mere reference to this part of ISO 11090 for the acceptance tests, without specifying the tests to be carried out and without agreement on the relevant expenses, cannot be considered as binding for any contracting parties.ISO 11090-2-2014 pdf free download.

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