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ISO 11676-2014 pdf free download

ISO 11676-2014 pdf free download.Textile machinery and accessories — Pattern disks and pattern chains for
warp knitting machines — Vocabulary and symbols
Materiel pour l’industrie textile — Disques darmature et chamnes d’armature pour machines a tricoter a maillesjetées — Vocabulaire et symboles.
standard chain
pattern chain consisting of standard chain-links
Note 1 to entry: Standard chains can always be put together anew in different order of the standard chain-links to different notations.
profile chain-link
chain-link of a certain chain-link height with curved transitions
Note 1 to entry: See Figure 3.
profile chain
pattern chain consisting of profile chain-links
Note Ito entry: Profile chains should be used only in the predetermined orderol the protile chain-links tor certain notations.
4 Marking
4.1 Marking of pattern discs
Pattern discs are marked with the indication for machine type (see 411), gauge (see 412), stitch row number (see 4J.3), notation (see 414), starting of the notation (see 4.LS), fitting borehole (see 4.Ifi), direction of rotation (see 4J.1), and classification of guide bars (see 4.18).
The marking is illustrated in detail as follows:
4.1.1 Machine type
A pattern disc is intended for a certain machine type, which is indicated on the pattern disc.
4.1.2 Gauge
A pattern disc is intended bra certain gauge, which shall be indicated in accordance with ISO 8188 (see Figurei).
NOTE 1 If a pattern disc is Intended especially for a machine partly set with needles, a slash Is indicated behind the gauge and the divider of the needle insert.
EXAMPLE 1 E6/3 means gauge E6 with the divider 3 for the needle insert I fulI/2 empty//in the needle bar and thus, existing gauge E2.
4.1.3 Stitch row number
The stitch row number can be indicated for pattern discs with the index C, for RR flat warp knitting machines with the index DC. Besides asalternative, thestitch row numbercan be indicated astransmission ratio in form X:l, whereas, X is the number of machine revolutions per pattern disc revolution.
NOTE 1 For RL flat warp knitting machines, the number of machine revolutions per pattern disc revolution corresponds to the number of stitch rows.
NOTE 2 16C respectively 16:1 means that the RI stitch row number is 16, i.e. for 16 machine revolutions the pattern disc turns once.
NOTE 3 12DC respectively 12:1 means that the RR stitch row number is 12. i.e. for 12 machine revolutions the pattern disc turns once.
4.1.4 Notation
The notation steered by the pattern disc is indicated in form of the lapping notation. At the same time, the numbering starting from zero is to be applied with the increment 1 (see Figure 1).
NOTE In 4.1.2 Note 1, the lapping notation corresponds with the needle insert in the needle bar, i.e. for the machine partly set with needles the notation will be indicated according to this needle setting and not in regard to the maximum possible needle setting.
EXAMPLE 1 1—0/1—2/, refers to the tricot notation with full needle setting.
IXAMPLE 2 0—0/3—3/I with the needle setting 1 full/2 empty//(E6/3) refers to the inlay below 3 set needles, which results in a weft notation below 9 pitches and not below 3 pitches.
4.1.5 Starting of the notation
The start of the notation is identified on the pattern disc by means of a marking.
4.1.6 Fitting borehole
When several fitting boreholes exist on a pattern disc (see Eigj.are..1), these individually have to be marked in regard to the lapping notation.
4.1.7 Direction of rotation
The required direction of rotation of the pattern disc is indicated by means of an arrow (see Figure 1).ISO 11676-2014 pdf free download.

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