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ISO 11855-1-2012 pdf free download

ISO 11855-1-2012 pdf free download.Building environment design Design, dimensioning, installation and control of embedded radiant heating and cooling systems Part 1:Definition, symbols, and comfort criteria
Conception de I’environnement des bâtiments — Conception, construction et fonctionnement des systèmes de chauffage et de refroidissement par rayonnement — Partie 1: Definition, symboles et critOres de con fort.
5.2.1 Surface temperature limit
In radiant heating and cooling systems, floor, walls and ceilings can be used as the heat transfer surface for heating and cooling. For this reason, special care shall be paid to the surface temperature limit on the floor and wall with which the occupants can have direct contact. Floor heating and cooling
The floor temperature has a direct impact on the comfort of the feet or buttocks. In ISO 7730. a floor temperature range of 19°C to 29°C is recommended in the space with sedentary and/or standing occupants wearing normal shoes. This is a limiting factor when deciding the capacity of floor heating and cooling systems For heating, the maximum temperature is 29°C and for cooling, the minimum temperature is 19°C. However, this temperature range of 19°C to 29°C might be changed by the factor of whether the occupants wear shoes or not, or whether they usually sit on the floor or stand up in the occupied zone. Thus, the range of the surface temperature can be different depending on lifestyle habits. For this reason, it is recommended to follow the widely accepted standards of each country when deciding on the optimum range of floor surface temperature. See A.1 for recommended ranges for the floor temperature of radiant heating and cooling systems.
A floor temperature range of 19°C to 29°C is based on an average between seated and standing occupants. Seated persons would prefer 1 K higher floor temperatures and standing persons I K lower surface temperatures, At a higher metabolic rate, even lower floor temperatures may be acceptable. If it is outside the occupied zone, i.e. within I m from outside walls/windows, 35°C is acceptable for the design floor temperature. In spaces where occupants may have bare feet (bathrooms, swimming pools, and dressing rooms), the most appropriate comfort floor temperature depends on the floor covering material.
Especially In spaces where people have bare feet, the range of comfort temperature depends on the material of the floor. More detailed information on the floor temperature can be found in ISO/TS 13732-2. Information on the range of comfortable temperature depending on floor material can be found in A.1.
For an electric heating system, an electrically-heated floor may cause discomfort and even skin burn if occupants have prolonged contact with the floor. This is due to the constant supply of heat from an electrical heating source, whereas, for a water based heating system, the increase in surface temperature is limited by the water temperature. Therefore it is important to control the electrical heating source in order to keep the floor surface temperature under the lower limit of discomfort and skin burn. The relation between floor temperature and skin temperature in an electric heating system is described in A.2. Skin temperatures that cause discomfort and burns are explained in A.3 Wall heating and cooling
For wall heating, the maximum recommended surface temperature is in the range of 35°C to 50C. The maximum temperature depends on factors such as whether occupants may easily have contact with the surface or whether buildings are used for more sensitive persons such as children or the elderly. When a skin temperature is 42°C to 45°C, there is a risk of burns and pain. The losses to the rear walls and its influence on neighbouring spaces should be taken into account.ISO 11855-1-2012 pdf free download.

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