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ISO 12813-2015 pdf free download

ISO 12813-2015 pdf free download.Electronic fee collection Compliance check communication for autonomous systems
Perception dii télépéu1qe — communicat ion de con trôle de confinmité pour systèmes autonomes.
5.1 General
This clause gives an insight into the CCC architecture. It identities the services provided to CCC applications and the functions that implement these services. It also defines principles regarding attributes and the use of DSRC communication primitives. A detailed description of the functions is giveil in Clauce 6, whilst the detailed list of the attributes is given in Clause 7.
The CCC application interlace has been designed to make use of the C[N•DSRC communication stack, via the application layer specified in ISO 15628 and EN 12834. For other identi[ied DSRC communication media, detailed mappings to corresponding services are given in annexes.
From a general .iclclrcssing viewpoint, it should 1w noted that only one CCC context is used, as compliance checking attributes are independent of context.
5.2 Services provided
T11e CCC application interface offers the following services to CCC applications:
— retrieval of compliance significant attributes, in order for RSE to assess DIlL compliance,
— mutual aut hentication of RSE and ORF by means of exchange of credentials, and
— a command to the ORE to signal to the user the result of the compliance check
NOTE I The policy of whether or not the result of the compliance check or the hact that a transaction has taken place is signalled to the user is decided by the entity operating the CCC interrogator and is outside the scope nI this International Standard.
The above services are realized by means of protocol exchanges performed by means of communication services and transactions as described in Cbiiw R.
The services are provided by the following functions:
— tlw “in i lahise corn municat ion fuiwtion, which shall 1w used to establish the CCC conimu nicat ion link between RSE and ORE;
— the ‘data retrieval” function, which shall be used to retrieve CCC attributes;
— the “anthem icated data retrieval” function,which shall be used toretrieve data with an authenticator from the ORE;
— the “driver notification” function, which shall be used to invoke a human-machine-interface (hlMl) function (e.g. signal “OK” via a buzzer sound);
-— the “terminate communication” function, which shall be used to terminate the CCC communication;ISO 12813-2015 pdf free download.

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