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ISO 12967-1-2009 pdf free download

ISO 12967-1-2009 pdf free download.Health informatics — Service architecture — Part 1:Enterprise viewpoint
Informatique de sante — Architecture de service — Partie 1: Point de vue d’entreprise.
The core process is called the clinical process In healthcare. The refinement object (temi from process modelling, from the Swedish Samba project) is the health condition of the subject of care (synonymous with patient”, which is used as a short form). The condition can represent a circumstance in the health of the patient, a health issue or health problem (with a state as uninvestigated vs. investigated, treated, assessed. etc.) The activities encompassed are only those which affect the condition or the state of the condition.
The refinement object of the management process in healthcare is the mandate on a general level. A demand for care which has been received by a healthcare provider is a potential mandate for the provider to provide healthcare to the person who is subject to the demand for care. It is a real care mandate when it has been accepted by the healthcare provider, by means of a healthcare commitment. When the mandate has become an effective care mandate, it is the framework for the clinical process, and, within the care mandate, decisions are made on what shall be done and planning of care is camed out. In this process, decisions are made that a certain planned activity actually shall be executed, and evaluation of the results of the activity takes place here. This is a quality assessment. Finally, in the management process, a decision is made to terminate the care mandate and consequently the care process package. Output from the clinical process and the communication process are resources affecting how activities in the management process are executed. Output from the activities in the management process trigger activities in the clinical process and the communication process. (The above processes can take place more or less implicitlylexplicitly, according to the organization).
In the communication process, information is the refinement object. Input is the information carried by the demand for care, and that is the refinement object in its original unrefined state. This information will be supplemented with information from other process packages, as well as from the management process. When a decision is made in the management process to request or use external resources, information on these resources are kept in the communication process. The final product, the output, is the termination message, which can take the form of a document (discharge letter, reply to a referral, letter to the subject of care, etc.) or spoken information to the one who has issued the demand for care. In any case, this information is the ultimate refinement of the demand for care and thus the final state of the refinement object.
The activities of the communication process can be triggered by events originating from activities of other process packages, as well as by decisions made in its own process package, in the management process.
The communication process is the shell of the process package. It performs activities that give information to other process packages and to the internal management process, but not to the clinical process. From outside, what is seen of the process package is the communication process.ISO 12967-1-2009 pdf free download.

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