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ISO 13194-2011 pdf free download

ISO 13194-2011 pdf free download.Box pallets Principal requirements and test methods
Palettes boites — Exigences principales et méthodes d’essais.
The purpose of this test is to evaluate the perfoi-mance of box pallets in terms of the strength in a vibration hazard at low frequency or repetitive shock. This test shaH be carned out in accordance with ISO 2247 and is compulsory for collapsible and demountable box pallets The box pallet is positioned in a predetermined attitude on a vibrating table with a stacked load of specified value and subjected to vibration.
NOTE Fixed box pallets and non-collapsible or non-demountable box pallets are usually not affected by such a test.
6.7.2 Test procedure
A vibrating table of rigid construction with appropriate dimensions and capacity, mounted on a mechanism capable of holding it in the horizontal plane during vibration, shall be used for this test procedure. The difference in level between the two ends of the surface of the table shall not exceed 10 mm.
The table may be equipped with
a) a low enclosure designed to restrict lateral and longitudinal movement of the load during testing,
b) a high endosure or any other device enabling the stacked load on the box pallet to undergo the test, and
C) devices to simulate the stowage method of the box pallet during transport.
The movement of the table is elliptical within a vertical plane with a main vertical axis of 15 mm (peak to peak) and with a secondary horizontal axis of 6 mm (peak to peak).
a) Place the box pallet with load onto the vibrating table in the predetermined position;
b) place the load onto the box pallet; this load may consist of another identical box pallet with appropriate ballast;
c) operate the vibration with the following parameters:
1) frequency: (3,5 ± 0.5) Hz (avoid resonance),
2) duration of the first phase (horizontal movement parallel to the length of the box pallet): two hours,
3) duration of the second phase (horizontal movement parallel to the width of the box pallet): two hours,
4) applied test load calculated in accordance with the following equation:
test load = n x (Tare weight + Nominal load)
with a maximum test load of (2 000 kg/rn2 x w’ x I) – tare weight
where n is the number of box pallets to be stacked on top of a box pallet during transport.ISO 13194-2011 pdf free download.

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