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ISO 1352-2011 pdf free download

ISO 1352-2011 pdf free download.Metallic materials — Torque-controlled fatigue testing
Matérlaux métalliques — Essais de fatigue par couple de torsion commandé.
The machine should have adequate lateral and torsional stiffness and alignment.
The complete machine loading system (including torque cell, grips, and specimen) shall be capable of controlling and measuring torque when the recommended wave cycle is applied. The specimen shall be unconstrained in the axial direction to prevent extraneous forces being introduced.
The testing machine torque measuring system shall be verified statically using a suitable method of calibration and shall be traceable to national standards.
It is important to recognize the potential effect of dynamic errors Introduced by the inertial mass between the torque cell and the specimen. Inertia torque errors, expressed as a percentage of torque range, can be expected to vary with frequency and are strongly influenced by specimen compliance. For details, see Iso 4965, which, although intended for axial fatigue testing. gives principles that also apply to torsional fatigue testing.
The machine shall be equipped with a cycle-counting system accurate to 1 % and shall be able to shut down automatically when the specimen fails.
9.1.2 Torque cell
The torque cell shall be fatigue rated. The indicated torque, as recorded at the output from the computer in an automated system. or from the final output recording device in a non-automated system. shall be within specified limits. The torque cell capacity shall be sufficient to cover the range of torque measured during a test to an accuracy of 1 % of the reading or better. The torque cell shall be temperature-compensated and should have a zero drift no greater than 0.002 % of full scale per degree Celsius. Sensitivity variation should not be greater than 0,002 % of full scale per degree Celsius.
9.1.3 GrippIng of specimen
The gripping device shall transmit the cydic torques to the specimen without backlash along its circumferential direction for the duration of the test. The geometric qualities of the device shall ensure correct alignment so that it is in accordance with 9.1.4.
The gripping device shall enable repeatable assembly and have surfaces that ensure alignment of the specimen. It shall also allow transmission of reversed torque without backlash throughout the duration of the test.
9.1.4 Alignment check
It is important that the best uniform stress distribution be obtained for every fatigue test. Axial alignment of the test machine for both axial fatigue machines and torsional fatigue machines is measured using an alignment check methodologyt[3].ISO 1352-2011 pdf free download.

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