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ISO 13609-2014 pdf free download

ISO 13609-2014 pdf free download. Wood-based panels — Plywood — Blockboards and battenboards
Panneaux a base de bois — Contreplaqués — Panneaux lattés avec lattes étroites et avec lattes larges.
4.4 Requirements for core strip assembly
4.4.1 DirectIon of core strip
The length direction of the strip shall be parallel or nearly parallel to the long edge of the board.
4.4.2 Jointing assembly in the length direction of core strip For jointed strip, following criteria shall be satisfied:
any joint seam shall not be wider than 1 mm;
— the distance between any two adjacent seams shall not be less than 50 mm;
— for finger jointing or scarf jointing, the slope of the scarves shall not be steeper than 1 in 8.
4.4.3 jointing assembly in the width direction of core strip
In width direction, the core strips could be glued or unglued and the following criteria shall be satisfied:
— gap between solid wood strips shall not exceed 1,5 mm;
— in any 1 000 mm in the width direction of core strip, the sum of gaps shall not exceed 6 mm.
4.4.4 Thickness and tolerance
Determination of thickness and tolerance of the core plate shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 9426 and ISO 1954.
4.5 Adhesives
Except the adhesive used for bonding core strips in width direction, the adhesive used for combination with the veneers, plywood, and core shall provide the board performance necessary to satisfy the requirements for bond type as specified in CIaue7 in this International Standard.
Bonding strength and durability of the adhesives applied to finger jointingand scarf jointing veneers and strips shall not be inferior to the criteria defined above. Any glue failure is not permitted in transverse modulus of rupture test.
5 Panel lay-up and manufacturing requirements
The lay-up shall be controlled, including the thickness, orientation, wood species, and quality of vencers.
NOTE Any other characteristics can be required and added as in contract, if necessary. 6 General requirements
6.1 Dimensions and tolerances
Unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer, dimensions of blockboard or battenboard are determined in the conditions given in ISO 9426, and tolerances applied in the conditions given in ISO 1954.
6.2 Classification by surface appearance
If required, classification by surface appearance shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 2426-2 and
ISO 2426-3.
6.3 Requirements of physical and mechanical properties
6.3.1 Moisture content
Sampling and cutting of test pieces shall be carried out in accordance with ISO 16999.
Determination of moisture content of board shall be carried out in according with ISO 16979.
Unless specified otherwise, moisture content of blockboard and battenboard shall be between 8,0 %
and 14,0 % when dispatched from the factory.
6.3.2 Mechanical properties
If required. the modulus of elasticity in bending and bending strength in both panel directions shall be provided in accordance with ISO 16978.ISO 13609-2014 pdf free download.

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