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ISO 14087-2011 pdf free download

ISO 14087-2011 pdf free download.Leather — Physical and mechanical tests — Determination of bending force
Cuir — Essais physiques et mécaniques — Determination de Ia force de flexion.
6 Sampling and sample preparation
Sampling is conducted according to ISO 2418 if possible and conditioning according to ISO 2419. The dimensions of the specimens shall be taken from the relevant parameter sets (see 7.1). Other dimensions are permissible but shall be indicated in the test report. The sample is taken parallel with and perpendicular to the backbone. Other sampling angles (e.g. diagonal) are also permissible and details shall be given in the test report, If the orientation of the backbone is not known, each specimen shall be taken in two directions wnning perpendicular to each other. At least three specimens shall be used in each direction.
If both the compression and extension bending tests are to be conducted on the leather sample, an additional three specimens shall be used for each sampling direction.
7 Test procedure
7.1 Each specimen shall be tested only once and shall then be discarded. The specimen shall be carefully clamped into the test device such that the free-standing part of the specimen corresponds to the clamping length specified in Table 1. A torque wrench (5.2) with a setting of 0,08 Nm shall be used to tighten the clamping jaws. Then, the test shall be started with one of the specified parameter sets specified in the table below. The measurement starts at 00 when the specified preliminary force is reached. The measured forces shall be recorded at the required bending angle.
Both extension and compression bending of the grain/coated side is possible. For the extension bending test. the leather specimen shall be inserted so that the bar will press on the grain/coated side. For the compression bending test, the leather specimen shall be inserted so that the bar will press on the flesh/back side.
Three different sets of parameters can be used. If no set is specified, use set A as the standard set.ISO 14087-2011 pdf free download.

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