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ISO 14287-2012 pdf free download

ISO 14287-2012 pdf free download.Plain bearings Pad materials for tilting pad bearings
Paliers lisses — Matérlaux des pa tins pour paliers a pa tins oscillants.
Whitemetals are characterized by good castability. However, attention should be paid to quality problems, such as bonding strength with the back metal, segregation and blow holes.
To ensure appropriate strength/softness of a whitemetal alloy, the combination of Sb and Cu described in Table 1 Is used In many applications.
Lead-based whitemetals are rarely used because of their effects on the environment.
3.2.3 AluminIum bearIng alloys
Aluminium-based bearing alloys are used for high-speed operation under high-load and high-temperature conditions. Al-Sn alloys, i.e. alloys which are made by adding tin to aluminium, are the most commonly used aluminium bearing alloys. To improve sliding characteristics at high speed, 40 % Sn-Al alloy is typically used.
The pad of a bearing manufactured from such an alloy is formed from a bimetal strip consisting of an aluminium alloy, which is roll-bonded to carbon steel. The pad of a journal bearing made from such an alloy can have uneven alloy thickness along the slide direction because it is formed by bending; it is possible to correct the thickness to make it even.
3.2.4 Lead-bronze bearing alloys
Lead-bronze bearing alloys are used under operating conditions equivalent to those for aluminium-bearing alloys or under higher load and higher temperature conditions. However, lead-bronze bearing alloys have limited uses. Lead-bronze bearing alloys are high in hardness; they normally require surface hardening (quench hardening, etc.) on the sliding surfaces of mating parts.
The pad of a bearing manufactured from such an alloy, as in the case of an aluminium bearing alloy, is typically formed from a bimetal strip. Although it is a rare case, it can take the form of a copper alloy (solid or cast) with a steel backing.ISO 14287-2012 pdf free download.

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