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ISO 14603-2012 pdf free download

ISO 14603-2012 pdf free download.Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) Test method for open-hole tension of continuous fibre-reinforced ceramic matrix composites at room temperature
Céramiques techniques — Méthode d’essai de traction d’éprouvette trouOe de composites a matrice cOramique renforcOs de fibres continues a temperature ambiante.
7 Test specimen preparation
7.1 Machining and preparation
When extracting test specimens from as-fabricated plates of material, care shall be taken to align the test specimen axis with the desired fibre-related loading axis.
Machining parameters which avoid damage to the material shall be established and documented. These parameters shall be adhered to during test specimen preparation.
7.2 Number of test specimens At least five valid test results (9.6) are required.
8 Test condition
The temperature and relative humidity of the room shall be 23 C ±2 °C, and 50 % ± 10 %, respectively.
9 Test procedure
9.1 Displacement or loading rate
The test shall be carried out under constant displacement or loading rate. Use a displacement or loading rate which allows test specimen failure between 10 and 60 s. The displacement or loading rate shall be reported.
9.2 Measurement of test specimen dimensions
The cross-section area shall be determined at the centre of the test specimen and at the two portions 15 mm from the centre. The arithmetic means of the measurements shall be used for calculations.
Necessary dimensions shall be measured with an accuracy of t 0,01 mm.
9.5 Test specimen mounting
Install the test specimen in the gripping system or loading system with its longitudinal axis coinciding with that of the test machine. Care shall be taken not to induce flexural or torsional loads.
Tabs made of aluminium, copper, glass fibre reinforced polymer composites (GFRP), cardboards, and others can be bonded on the specimen grip areas. These tabs are effective for axis alignment, and for preventing fracture in the grips.
9.6 Measurement
The test procedure is as follows;
— zero the force transducer;
— zero the strain gauges;
— initiate recording the force versus longitudinal detormation (or strain):
— initiate loading the test specimen and terminate loading of the test specimen at the end of test;
— terminate recording the force versus longitudinal deformation (or strain):
— note the maximum tensile force and the position of fracture location.
9.7 Test validity
The following circumstances invalidate a test:
— failure to specify and record test conditions;
— failure to meet specified test conditions;
— failure to meet bending criteria according to 9.4;ISO 14603-2012 pdf free download.

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