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ISO 14628-2012 pdf free download

ISO 14628-2012 pdf free download.Fine ceramics (advanced ceramics, advanced technical ceramics) — Test method for rolling contact fatigue of silicon nitride ceramics at room temperature by balls-on-flat method
Céramiques techniques — Méthode d’essai de fatigue de contact de roulement des céramiques au nit rure de silicium a temperature ambiante par Ia méthode des blues sur surface plane.
where Nc is half the product of total number of revolutions until the failure and the number of balls. NOTE The equation for the mean effective mechanical input implies that material of a higher (Min)m value withstands higher loads for longer cycles with the assumption that the entire (Min)m is consumed in the rolling contact fati9ue.
8.3 Flaking of ball surface
Flaking on the ball surface may cause the automatic stop of the testing machine. If surface damage such as scratch thereby is observed on the contact track, the test shall be terminated. If riot, change the ball(s) with flaking and lubricating oil, and resume the test.
9 Test report
The test report shall be in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025, unless there are valid reasons for not doing so. The report of the results of a rolling contact fatigue test shall include the following items:
a) the name and address of the testing establishment;
b) the date of the test, a unique identification of the report and of each page, customer name and address. signatory of the report;
c) a reference to this International Standard, i.e. determined in accordance with ISO 14628.
d) a description of the test material, elastic modulus, batch codes, date of manufacture, as appropriate;
e) geometry and dimensions of test specimen;
f) surface roughness of test specimen:
g) a description of balls, diameter, ball grade. name of material, elastic modulus, etc.:
h) loading conditions (load and interval of each loading step);
I) a description of lubricating oil (name of manufacturer. product code, kinematic viscosity. etc.):
j) a list of test results (the number of stress cycles, mean effective mechanical input. etc.).ISO 14628-2012 pdf free download.

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