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ISO 14662-2010 pdf free download

ISO 14662-2010 pdf free download.Information technology — Openedi reference model
Technologies de l’informatiOfl Modèle de reference EDI-ouvert.
The Open-edi Reference Model provides a reference framework for the identification, development, and co-ordination of Open-edi standards. This framework addresses two perspectives of business transactions. One, the BOy, captures the business users aspects, the other, the FSV, captures the information technology aspects. A class of standards is associated with each view. They are respectively called the BOy- related standards and the FSV-related standards. Figure 1 sets out the relationship between the model and these views.
These perspectives are defined as follows:
Business Operational View (8034: perspective of business transactions limited to those aspects regarding the making of business decisions and commitments among Persons, which are needed for the description of a business transaction
Functional Service View (FSV): perspeclWe of business transactions limited to those information technology interoperability aspects of IT Systems needed to support the execution of Open-edi transactions
The BOV-related standards are tools and rules by which users, who understand the operating aspects of a business domain, may create scenarios. Registration authorities will reference the BOVrelated standards when considering scenarios for registration.
If those Open-edi scenarios are standardized they are called standardized Open-edi scenarios and are not BO V-related standards.
The FSV-related standards are used by the information technology experts. The information technology experts are those within an organization who use this technology to design and/or build IT systems which support the business needs. These experts produce products and services conforming to FSV-related standards (Open-edi systems) which can potentially support the execution of Open-edi transactions.
As shown in Figure 2, the effective inter-relationship between these two classes of standards is a critical factor of the Open-edi reference model. The FSVrelated standards shall take into account the BOy- related standards and vice-versa. Open-edi scenarios, built using BOV-related standards, formulate requirements which are demands placed on the IT product and services conforming to FSVrelated standards executing the corresponding Open-edi transaction. These demands include:
identification of functional capabilities necessary to support Open-edi transactions:
the quality of service required from the functional capabilities for these Open-edi transactions.
Formal specification(s) of the functional components needed to support Open-edi transactions, through IT Systems, are developed using FSV-related standards.
The intention is that, once an Open-edi scenario is agreed upon, if implementations conform to the FSV-related standards, there is no need for prior agreement between the Open-edi Parties, other than the agreement to engage in the Open-edi transaction in compliance with the Open-edi scenario. The intention is that the sending, by an Open-edi Party, of information from a scenario, conforming to Open-edi standards, shall allow the acceptance and processing of that information in the context of that scenario by one or more Open-edi Parties by reference to the scenario and without the need for agreement.ISO 14662-2010 pdf free download.

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