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ISO 14903-2012 pdf free download

ISO 14903-2012 pdf free download.Refrigerating systems and heat pumps Qualification of tightness of components and joints
Systèmes de réfrigération etpompes a chaleur — Qualification de l’étanchéité des corn posants et des joints.
7.9 Additional pressure test for hermetically sealed joints
Pressure shall be applied to at least three assembled joints with tubes. Tubes shall have a thickness according to the appropriate standard withstanding at least 6 times the design pressure. Pressure shall be increased until it reaches 5 times the design pressure. Pressure shall be increased gradually, for example at a rate of less than 10 bar per minute. Assembly shall withstand at least six times the design pressure for I mm.
The fluid used for this test shall be liquid such as oil, water, etc.
Other joints shall satisfy the requirements of ISO 5149-2:—.
7.10 Vacuum test
Test two samples to confirm that they are capable of withstanding a vacuum of 6,5 kPa absolute pressure for 1 h without leakage. Leakage shall be checked by monitoring the pressure and confirming that the pressure rise after I h is less than 0,02 kPa. The effect of temperature change on joints shall be taken into account.
NOTE 1 Prior to applying the test parameters all components are degassed and moisture free, for instance by applying a deep vacuum.
NOTE 2 Temperature changes may change the pressure.
7.11 Compatibility screening test
7.11.1 General
When joints use sealing material, either solid or liquid, compatibility of the sealing material with the refrigerant, the lubricant, etc., to he used shall be checked. Where the manufacturer can document a method showing equivalent results, that method can be accepted. This screening test describes the method of evaluating the resistance of rubber and thermoplastic seals to the action of refrigerant and lubricants by measurement of properties of the seals before and after exposure to selected refrigerantlubricant systems.
7.11.2 Test fluids
Sealing materials for multipurpose components shall be tested with fluids recommended by the manufacturer (refrigerants and oils). The material compatibility with refrigerants blends/oil mixtures shall be evaluated on the basis of the single components or defined blends.
Oil: Using sealing designs intended for operating with oil, oil shall be added to the test fluid (5 wt. % oil).ISO 14903-2012 pdf free download.

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