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ISO 15007-1-2014 pdf free download

ISO 15007-1-2014 pdf free download.Road vehicles — Measurement of driver visual behaviour with respect to transport information and control systems — Part 1:Definitions and parameters
Véhicules routiers — Mesurage dii comportement visuel dii con ducteur en relation avec les systèmes de commande et d’information du transport — Partie 1: Definitions etparamètres.
direction of gaze
area of interest to which the eyes are directed
alignment of the eyes so that the image of the fixated area of interest falls on the fovea (the middle of the retina responsible for our central, sharpest vision) for a given time period
Note 1 to entry: Typically, individual fixations last from 100 ms to 2 000 ms (see Referencelil). Fixations are the briefest of pauses during which visual information extraction is done by the eyes.and.brain from spatial areas that fall on the fovea of the eye (and hence are quite small). During fixation, there are believed to be at least three processes taking place (see ReferencelIUl): 1) analysis of the image falling on the fovea, 2) selection of a new saccade target and 3) programming of the saccade to-be•made•next. It is not yet known how these processes are synchronized by the brain, nor how precisely they are synchronized – since fixation durations are not always long enough to comprehend completion of all the processes. (Sometimes the eyes move before information extraction from the site of fixation has been completed, as evidenced by frequent corrective return fixations to a site under some conditions that was fixated too briefly). There is evidence that the brain both pre-programs fixation duration, and also does process-monitorin( during a fixation to determine if analysis of the foveal image Is complete within the fixation’s duration.before moving on. Thus, fixation time is dependent on both the immediate stimulus and the history o prior fixations. The contribution of both components suggests that fixation time may depend on the task and the amount of useful information in the fixated display (or viewed information) (see Referencel4l).
See Ad to A4.
maintaining of visual gaze within an area of interest, bounded by the perimeter of the area of interest; may be comprised of more than one fixation and saccades to and from it. Its duration is measured as “glance duration”
Note ito entry: A glance isa scientific construct that sums over one or more fixations that are made contiguously within a given area of interest (but one that Is larger than the area corresponding to the eye’s foveal region — an area that usually requires more than one fixation to view). The construct of a glance, therefore, typically comprehends more than a single fixation and is a coarser unit of analysis than a single fixation (since itis summing over fixations that are contiguous in time and spatially proximal within an area of interest). (“Area of interest” is formally defined below in jil). The construct of a “glance” is needed because often the salient questions in a study relate to the amount of contiguous time spent gazing at a particular area of interest (before the eyes move away from it). (Of course. in some instances, the “glance” construct is also necessary because some measurement approaches are not capable of the fine discriminations needed to identify Individual fixations (spatially and temporally) – and can only discriminate at the spatial/temporal granularity of glances. Thus, glances” are a coarser measure of visual information extraction by the eyes/brain from a continuously viewed but somewhat larger spatial region. Typical glance lengths vary by stimulus and task, but might (for example) range from 500 ms to 3 s for a task like tuning the radio” (see Reference(ZJ). ISO 15007-1-2014 pdf free download.

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