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ISO 15781-2015 pdf free download

ISO 15781-2015 pdf free download.Photography Digital still cameras Measuring shooting time lag, shutter release time lag, shooting rate, and start-up time
Photographic — Cameras numériques — Mesurage du décalage dans le temps de la prise de vue, décalage dans le temps de l’ouverture de l’objecti7 cadence de prise et temps de dérnarrage.
However, in the case where the shooting image cannot be checked through an optical viewfinder, or If the initial setting of the product Is “image display device on” in the camera with both optical viewfinder and image display unit, the time between switching the power on and the moment the viewfinder image (through-image) is displayed shall be measured.
When using the internal measurement, suppliers, as shown in Annex C. shall directly observe appropriate signals and the time defined in £1.1 shall be measured.
5.2.2 Shooting time lag
Prior to each measurement of the shooting time lag. the digital still camera shall be turned to face a distant object and shall focus on this object. The elapsed time between turning the camera on the stand and pressing the exposure button shall be less than 3 s.
The distant object shall be located at a distance of at least 100 times the focal length of the camera lens, or 5 m, whichever is greater.
For products that allow manually focusing to infinity, this option may be used. The focus point can also be set to infinity using a collimator.
The shooting time lag, TSL, shall be measured by turning the digital still camera to face the chart and by fully pressing the exposure button with the continuous auto focus turned off. In the case of the external measurement, the time between starting the timing device and the first illuminated time indicator in the correct focused image is the shooting time lag. If the image is clearly out of focus, it shall not be used to measure the shooting time lag because in this case, the camera can trade the focus accuracy for higher speed (shutter priority) and the image of the timing device is blurred and unable to show the correct timing. For cameras that do not deliver sharp images when pressing the exposure button fully, the digital still camera shall be allowed to focus by first, pressing the exposure button halfway down. Immediately after the camera indicates that it is in focus, the exposure button shall be fully pressed.ISO 15781-2015 pdf free download.

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