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ISO 16119-3-2013 pdf free download

ISO 16119-3-2013 pdf free download.Agricultural and forestry machinery — Environmental requirements for sprayers — Part 3:Sprayers for bush and tree crops
Materiel agricole etforestier — Exigences envirunnetnc’ntales pour les pulvérisateurs — Partie 3: Pulvérisateurs pour arbustes et arboriculture. Mixing
Tanks shall be designed (e.g. including agitators) to ensure an even concentration of mixture. The maximum allowable deviation is ±15 %, tested in accordance with ISO 5682-2.
5.1.2 Lines (hoses and pipes)
The bending radius of hoses shall be within the limits recommended by the hose manufacturer. Hoses shall not have any deformation which could disturb the liquid flow.
Pressure lines shall be equipped with quick-acting shut-off devices (e.g. tip-over lever valves).
The maximum working pressure of hoses and the maximum working pressure of connecting devices shall
be at least equal to the maximum working pressure of the circuit. See also ISO 16119-1:2013, Clause 6 h).
5.1.3 Filter
Sprayers equipped with a positive displacement pump shall have a suction filter.
On the pressure side, the liquid going to the nozzles shall be filtered by means of central fitters or filters in the lines of spraying sections. The size of filters shall correspond to the size of nozzles fitted on the sprayer. This applies also to nozzle and pump filters.
The operator shall be able to detect blockages — for example, by an appropriate positioning of the central pressure filters and pressure indicator.
Filters shall be easily accessible and filter inserts shall be removable. For quick cleaning, the filter tissue of the insert shall he easily accessible.
It shall be possible, with the tank filled to its nominal volume, to clean central filters without any spray liquid leaking out except for that which may be present in the filter casing and connected suction or pressure lines.
5.1.4 Nozzles
It shall be possible to fix nozzles in predetermined positions, to ensure that the spray is correctly directed, by appropriate means such as marking, locking systems or mouldings.
When the spraying stop control has been activated, there shall be no dripping. Verification of this requirement is by the following test. When the spraying stop control has been activated, the dripping shall not exceed 2 ml per nozzle during a period of 5 mm, starting 8 s after the spraying stop control has been activated.
Nozzles shall be protected to minimize contact with (parts of) crops.ISO 16119-3-2013 pdf free download.

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