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ISO 16346-2013 pdf free download

ISO 16346-2013 pdf free download.Energy performance of buildings Assessment of overall energy performance
Performance énergétique des bâtiments — Evaluation de Ia performance énergétique globale.
9.1 Introduction
The method given in this clause enables the attainment of a higher confidence level in the building calculation model and input data used for calculations by comparing the calculated result with the actual energy use. This method should be used for an existing building, particularly for assessing the energy effectiveness of possible improvement measures.
It is the general method to make corrections or extrapolations to the measured energy use.
9.2 Procedure — Validation of the building calculation model Obtain the measured energy rating according to CJue.8.
Collect information such as actual climatic data, air permeability of the envelope, ventilation rate. heating system efficiencies, actual internal conditions (occupancy, intermittent heating, temperatures, ventilation, etc.) from building technical documentation, or through surveys, measurements, and monitoring, as far as they are available at a reasonable cost, See 9.3 for ways of collecting climatic data, 9.4 for occupancy data, and AnncxD for energy for other services. The confidence intervals of all data shall be estimated. Input data that cannot be assessed are taken from inference rules, national references, or International Standards.
The assessment period for collecting all data (energy use and input data for the calculation) should be, as far as reasonably possible, the same.
Calculate a tailored rating using data as close to reality as reasonably possible not only for the building but also for climate and occupancy data. Estimate the confidence interval of the rating, resulting from uncertainties of input data.
The amount of energy carriers used for purposes other than heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, or lighting shall be added to the tailored rating. If these are not metered separately, they shall be estimated. The part of this energy used within the conditioned space shall also be taken into account as internal heat sources in the calculation of the tailored rating.
NOTE There is no method defined in this International Standard to compute the mother services. A list of typical energy use for cooking, washing, and electrical equipment including computers or production processes, etc. can be provided at national level for various types of buildings. Some Information is given in Annex D.
Compare the results of the measured energy rating and of this tailored rating for all energy carriers.
lithe confidence intervals do not overlap significantly, or if they are unacceptably large, further investigations shall be made in order to verify the data or to introduce new influencing factors that may have been previously ignored and the calculation shall be repeated with the new set of input data. If necessary, adjust input data (in a credible way. e.g. within their confidence interval) so that the calculated energy rating does not differ significantly from the measured energy rating.ISO 16346-2013 pdf free download.

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