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ISO 1660-2017 pdf free download

ISO 1660-2017 pdf free download.Geometrical product specifications (GPS) — Geometrical tolerancing — Profile tolerancing
Specification géométrique des produits (GPS) — Tolérancement géométrique — Tolérancernent des profils.
5.3 Rules for profile tolerancing using additional specification elements
5.3.1 Rule D: Toleranced feature specification elements
lithe toleranced feature is not one complete single teature, this shall be indicated by using the tools given in ISO 1101, e.g. the SZ, CZ, UF, “all over’, “all around” and “between” specification elements, or by query of the CAD model (see B..5. NOTE 2). To avoid ambiguities, the “all over” and “all around” specification elements shall always be used together with either the SZ, CZ or UF specification element for geometrical specifications, unless all the non-redundant degrees of freedom of the tolerance zones are locked by a datum system.
The SZ, separate zones, modifier considers the set of single features as separate features, with unrelated tolerance zones. Since there are a number of toleranced features, there are an equal number of specified characteristics.
The CZ, combined zone, modifier considers the set of single features as separate features, but combines the tolerance zones. Since it builds a collection of toleranced features, it cannot define a derived feature, if the Individual features do not have a derived feature. Therefore, the CZ modifier is appropriate to use when the toleranced features function separately, but with a relation between them. The CZ modifier defines only one specified characteristic.
The UF, united feature, modifier builds one compound feature out of several single features. This compound feature may have a derived feature, even when the individual features do not. Therefore, the UF modifier is appropriate to use when the function(s) Is related to the integral compound feature considered as one feature, or to its derived feature.
A specification for a united feature or its derived feature creates one tolerance zone for that compound feature or derived feature. Since there is only one compound feature, there is only one specified characteristic.
In the case of profile tolerancing of integral features, the practical difference between UF and CZ is small and limited to the shape of the tolerance zone in transitions between features.ISO 1660-2017 pdf free download.

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