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ISO 17718-2013 pdf free download

ISO 17718-2013 pdf free download.Wholemeal and flour from wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) — Determination of rheological behaviour as a function of mixing and temperature increase
Farine et mouture corn plète de blé tendre (Triticum aestivum L.) — Determination du corn porternent rhéologique enfonction du petrissage et de I’augmentation de Ia tern pérature.
7 Sampling
Sampling Is not part of the method specified in this International Standard. A recommended sampling method is given in ISO 24333.141
It is important the laboratory receive a truly represeantative sample which has not been damaged or changed during transport or storage.
8 Procedure
8.1 General
To implement this International Standard on wholemeal flour requires a milling step.
If the sample is delivered as flour, go to 8.
8.2 Sample milling
Grind () 200 g to 300 g of cleaned grains as specified in the mill manufacturers instructions.
8.3 Determination of flour moisture content
Determine the moisture content of flour or milled sample as specified In ISO 712.
8.4 Preparation of the device
Make sure that the water-injection nozzle is set above the water tank.
Power up the Mixolab®’) (fzi.) 30 mm ahead of the first test.
Use the level gauge to check there is a sufficient quantity of water (Clause 5) in the tank (.L2).
Make sure the bowl, hub flange, and mixing arms assembly is well connected and install this dough mixer assembly.
Close the removable cover (&L4).
8.5 Preparation of the test
8.5.1 General
There are two steps:
a) determination of the water absorption of flour or wholemeal;
b) determination of the rheological characteristics of the flour or wholemeal.
8.5.2 Determination of water absorption Use the program menu (&LI) to define the protocol to perform test: Chopin+ for flour and Chopin Wheat+ for wholerneal. Use the program menu (fiJ..) to set the test conditions, specif’ing flour moisture content (3) and setting a 55 % hydration (the baseline 14% is selected automatically). Use the laboratory scale (&.2) to weigh out the quantity of flour stipulated by the device (6.1.6). Boot the test, and introduce the weighed flour into the dough-mixer (L3). Position the water injection nozzle (j) in its place above the cover. It is important to wait for the software (fLLf2) prompt before positioning the nozzle. When the curve has reached Its peak and a downcurve sign is indicated, stop the test and record the read-out value.
If the maximum torque, Cmax, reaches (1,10 ± 0,05) Nm, allow the curve complete development for 45 mm. Remove the injection nozzle from the removable cover (6.1.4) and position it above the water tank (6.1.2). Remove the dough-mixer bowl and mixing arms (6J..). and clean. Re-assemble the dough-mixer and reposition it Ofl the Mixolah.1)
8.5.3 Full test.ISO 17718-2013 pdf free download.

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