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ISO 17842-1-2015 pdf free download

ISO 17842-1-2015 pdf free download.Safety of amusement rides and amusement devices Part 1:Design and manufacture
Sécurité des manèges et des dispositifs de divertissement — Pa rtie 1: Conception et fabrication. Supporting framework
If the calculation is based on a continuous rail track above the support columns, a column settlement by virtue of the reduction by 50 % of the moment at support, and a column heightening by virtue of the increase by 25 % of the moment at support shall be assumed. The increase or reduction ol these moments need not be taken into consideration for the verification of fatigue in view of the low numbers of cycles anticipated.
For exposed support columns without cladding anchored by the continuous rail in the overall structure, the assessment of the wind load may be ignored for the verification of the stability and of the safety against sliding.
The safety of the installation against overturning, when It Is subjected to wind load need not be verified as a general rule, unless exceptionally large horizontal forces are likely to arise, as a result of a particularly unfavourable shape, exceptionally large wind load areas of the framework components (decorations, lighting strips), or as a result of partial or total cladding of the framework or track. Passenger units
All forces arising in the chassis and superstructures shall be followed in the calculation from their point of origin, down to the supports. Thus for example, in the case of passenger units with one oscillating and one rigid axle, the moments from forces transverse to the car above the oscillating axle, can only be absorbed by the rigid axle.
Forces transverse to the car, for example, can only be transmitted through wheels which run against the side of the rail.
If the load wheels are not designed in such a way that they are also capable of absorbing lateral forces, then special guide rollers shall be provided for this purpose.
The vehicles shall be equipped with devices for the prevention of derailment and lift-off. Safety devices against lift-off (rollers or claws) shall in any case be calculated for the actual forces acting on them. As a minimum they shall be sized for 50 % of the fully loaded vehicle weight, even when there is no lift-off. Brakes
Each stopping or speed regulation brake (at the end of a descent, stopping after each journey) shall be designed in such a way that the braking deceleration does not exceed a maximum value of 5,0 rn/s2. Greater deceleration is permitted on condition that special devices for the protection (lap bars, etc.) of the passenger are provided; see
Safety brakes shall be arranged for the planned minimum distance between successive cars or trains in such a way that there will always be sufficient braking elements between any two cars or trains to prevent collision.ISO 17842-1-2015 pdf free download.

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