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ISO 18382-2013 pdf free download

ISO 18382-2013 pdf free download.Space data and information transfer systems — Spacecraft onboard interface services — RFID-based inventory management systems
Systémes de transtert des intormations et donnees spatiales — Services d’interfaces a bord des véhicules spatlaux — Systèmes de gestion des stocks bases sur ía radio fréquence (RFID).
The UHF’ standard ISO l80(X)-6 has been widely adopted by industry and has evolved in practice to a working system that has been made into an augmented standard by EPCglobal, termed ‘Class I, Generation-2’, or ‘Class I Gen-2’; this augmentation has been fed back into the ISO standard to become ISO I 8(XX)-6 mode C. The Class I Gen-2 air intethjce standard establishes a single UHF (860-96() MHz) specification that addresses UHF spectrum regulations in differing terrestrial regions. Thus the EPCglohal Class I Gen-2 document has become the dc-facto standard for inventory management in UHF using RFID. This process is also underway for the HF hand, currently governed by ISO 18000-3.
The EPCglobal Class I Gen-2 is one of the most rapidly growing standards with substantial industrial deployments worldwide (see reference [1J). Interrogators operate somewhere within the 860-960 MHz band, whereas tags are required to operate over that full range. European readers typically operate in the lower pan of that band, whereas U.S. readers operate in the upper part. EPC Class I Gen-2 utilizes passive, IC-based RFID tags. Range has been reported historically as less than 3.3 meters. although at the Lime of this publication, ranges in the vicinity of 6.6 meters or more are not uncommon with moderate gain (e.g.. 8 dBi) interrogator antennas and approximately 1W transmit power. The EPC Class I Gen-2 specification forecasts future classes with advanced features such as sensor capabilities, tag-to-tag communications, and ad hoc networking.
Table 2-4 summarizes the regional (terrestrial) regulatory status for using RFID in the UHF spectrum (reference [Dli). A status of ‘OK’ implies regulations are in place or will be in place shortly: a status of lIP’ implies appropnate regulations are in progress—as ot August 2010—and should be completed as of August 2011. See annex 0 for regional UHF channel allocations covering primary international RF spectrum allocation policies.ISO 18382-2013 pdf free download.

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