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ISO 18421-2013 pdf free download

ISO 18421-2013 pdf free download.Ships and marine technology Inland navigation vessels Lifebuoy housings
Navires et technologie maritime — Bateaux de navigation intérieure— Coffres a bouée de sauvetage.
The internal dimensions are to be chosen so that a lifebuoy of 750 mm diameter and of 100 mm thickness with a grab line at its outer edge and a floatable line with a diameter of 8 mm to 11 mm and 30 m length, with or without throw line, fit into the housing.
4.2 Design
4.2.1 Interior
The interior of the housing shall be designed so that neither the lifebuoy nor the life-line will fall off when the cover is opened. and at the same time allows quick and easy access to both.
4.2.2 Cover
The housing shall have a cover with bolting. The cover shall have a captive connection to the housing. The closing latches shall keep the door shut, but allow quick and easy access the Iifebuoy.
The opening angle of the cover shall be at least 180°. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, if the cover opens to the top it shall be fitted with a stop device of at least 90°.
The cover of the housing shall have an embossed lifebuoy symbol to the outside and the plate with directions for rescue and resuscitation of drowning persons in accordance with ISO 18422 shall he fastened Inside the inner circle of the embossed lifehuoy symbol.
4.2.3 Mounting
The housing for lifebuoys shall be manufactured in such a way that it can be fixed to masts, posts and poles of different diameters or on to walls or railings.
These requirements are met if there are four reinforced bolt holes of 9mm diameter for the fixing of the housing through which threaded bolts of sufficient length can be inserted.
4.3 Material
— plastics — P1,
— seawater-resistant aluminium — Al,
— hot-galvanised steel — Hgal or
— stainless steel — Stst.
4.4 Resistance
The housing shall comply with the requirements in accordance with IEC 60945 regarding:
a) rain and spray water;
b) sunlight;
c) resistance against oil and
d) corrosion.
4.5 Fibre behaviour
The materials shall be self-extinguishing and non-dripping in the event of fire.
4.6 Temperature stability
The utilizability of the housing shall remain constant at air temperatures of —30 °C to +65 °C.
4.7 Surface
To prevent scuff ing, the surfaces of the housing shall be smooth in places where the lifebuoy rests.
4.8 Colour
The external surface of the housing shall be orange-red according to ISO 12402-7.
4.9 Operational status check and seal ability.ISO 18421-2013 pdf free download.

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