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ISO 18602-2013 pdf free download

ISO 18602-2013 pdf free download.Packaging and the environment — Optimization of the packaging system
Emballage et environnement — Optimisation du système d’embaIlage.
and the manufacturing of the packaging and its components in all stages of the product life-cycle, are to be considered in this evaluation procedure.
In this way it can be ensured that the relevant information comes from the suppliers of raw materials and constituents, who are in the position to exert proper control over the levels, to test as appropriate and to he able to judge the need for testing and the appropriate test frequencies.
The upstream approach furthermore ensures that complete documentation on the concentration levels in packaging and its components is available. The evaluation of concentration levels in a packaging or in its components is normally performed by calculation. Identification of substances with environmental hazards by chemical analysis of materials is one method but, given the number and diversity of substances that may be considered as hazardous to the environment, it is not practically possible to test all materials and products for the presence of all substances that may be present. Except where required by legislation or regulation, the need for testing packaging components or packaging is limited to those cases where the producer or importer is not able to provide full documentation on concentrations in raw materials, constituents or components.
Safety Data Sheets are widely used in industry for conveying information on hazards and appropriate handling recommendations. The [IN Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), Part 4, provides a common international system for classification and identification of substances or mixtures hazardous to the environment; Part 1 and Annex 4 provide guidance on the content of Safety Data sheets. Based on these, manufacturers of materials and packaging can identify the potential use of substances or mixtures hazardous to the environment used for production and also the potential presence in a final packaging.
Once the presence of substances with environmental hazards has been identified, environmental impacts can be assessed and action to minimize their use can be taken.
The approach proposed in this Annex is a methodology to minimize the use of substances or mixtures hazardous to the environment and their release into the environment, given their functional use in specific items of packaging. Restrictions defined by legislation applicable to specific goods always apply.
A restriction list, often based on legal requirements and substances relevant for certain types of goods, is an efficient and commonly used tool for limiting the use of substances with environmental hazards
– provided that the number of substances to be checked is limited. Such a list would facilitate the identification of the substances or mixtures that may be considered as hazardous to the environment, relevant for a given packaging supplier, especially for small and medium-sized companies. However, considering the number and diversity of substances concerned, to cover a complete industry sector worldwide using a comprehensive restriction list would not be practical. Instead, the general approach of minimization based on functional use is proposed.
For packaging, the importance of safety, the protection of health and the hygiene of the packaged goods are emphasized. Substances or mixtures that are hazardous to the environment might be hazardous in other respects as well, e.g. for the health and safety of consumers.ISO 18602-2013 pdf free download.

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