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ISO 1874-2-2012 pdf free download

ISO 1874-2-2012 pdf free download.Plastics Polyamide (PA) moulding and extrusion materials Part 2:Preparation of test specimens and determination of properties
Plastiques — Matérlaux polyamides (PA) pour moulage et extrusion — Partie 2: Preparation des éprouvettes et determination des propriétës.
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3 Preparation of test specimens
3.1 Treatment of the material before moulding
Before processing, the material sample shall have reached room temperature.
Before processing, the moisture content of the material sample shall not exceed 0,2 % (mass fraction) in
the case of PAs having a viscosity number s 200 ml/g. and not exceed 0,1 % (mass fraction) in the case of
PAs having a viscosity number > 200 ml!g. For PA46, PA6T/66, PA6TIXT, PA6T!61/66, PA6T/6l. PA6II6T and
PA NDT/INDT, the moisture content shall be less than 0,1 % (mass fraction).
The moisture content of filled or reinforced materials shall be expressed as a percentage of the total mass of the compound. The moisture content shall be determined in accordance with ISO 15512 and the viscosity number in accordance with ISO 307.
To ensure that the moisture content remains low, it is recommended that the sample material in the feed hopper of the injection-moulding machine be blanketed with a suitable gas (dried air, nitrogen or argon, for example) Better results may be obtained using a dehumidifier hopper drier.
If test specimens are to be prepared by laser sintering (see 3.3 and Annex A), follow the instructions given in Annex A for treatment of the material before processing.ISO 1874-2-2012 pdf free download.

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