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ISO 19900-2013 pdf free download

ISO 19900-2013 pdf free download.Petroleum and natural gas industries — General requirements for offshore structures
Industries du pétrole et du gaz nature! — Exigencesgénérales pour les structures en mer.
c) by a combination of a) and b).
A floating structure shall incorporate sufficient damaged stability and reserve of buoyancy to ensure that credible scenarios of unintended flooding do not result in loss of the structure.
The statlonkeeping systems of floating structures shall incorporate sufficient redundancy to ensure that the structure can withstand loss of a stationkeeping component (e.g. mooring line(s)) in accordance with the provisions of ISO 19901-7.
5.4 Planning
Adequate planning shall be done before design is started in order to have sufficient basis to obtain a safe, workable and economical structure that fulfils the required operational functions. Planning shall also consider all relevant and related sustainability aspects impacting the environment, the economy and society along with their interdependence and interrelationships.
The initial planning shall include specification of operational functions, design requirements and design criteria for the structure. Site-specific data, such as water depth, physical environmental conditions and soil properties, shall be sufficiently known and documented to serve as a basis for the design. The functional and operational requirements in temporary and in-service phases, as well as robustness against accidental situations and earthquakes that can influence the layout and the structural design, shall be considered.
The functional requirements affecting the layout and design of the structure shall be established in a clear format such that these can form the basis for the engineering process and the structural design.
Investigation of site-specific data, such as seabed topography, geohazards, soil conditions and environmental conditions including ice, as appropriate, shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 19901-1, ISO 19901-2, ISO 19901-4 and ISO 19906.
5.5 Durability, maintenance and inspection
The durability of the structure in its environment shall be such that the general state of the structure is kept at an acceptable level during its design service life. Account shall he taken of the effects of corrosion, loss of material by abrasion, and other forms of degradation that can affect the resistance of the structure or structure components.
A maintenance and inspection program shall be consistent with the design and function of the structure and the environmental conditions to which it is exposed. Maintenance should include the performance of appropriately scheduled inspections, inspections on special occasions (e.g. after an earthquake or other severe or abnormal environmental or accidental event), the upgrading of protection systems and repair of structural components.
ISO 19900-2013 pdf free download.

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