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ISO 20492-4-2010 pdf free download

ISO 20492-4-2010 pdf free download.Glass in buildings — Insulating glass — Part 4:Methods of test for the physical attributes of edge seals
Verre dans Ia construction — Verre isolant — Partie 4: Méthodes d’essai pour les caractéristiques physiques des
joints d’assemblage.
Available test reports in accordance with Clause 6 allow the substitution of the sealant without repeated gas loss rate testing according to ISO 20492-3 in the following cases.
a) For units with a gas loss rate, L,. below 0,8 % a-1. the substituting sealant
— is allowed for limiting the moisture vapour penetration in accordance with,
— has been previously applied in insulating glass units that have been demonstrated to comply with ISO 20492-3; the demonstrated compliance may have been obtained separately using units of different construction and, therefore, the test report numbers may vary,
— has a gas permeation that is not more than 20 % higher than that of the initial sealant.
For units with a gas loss rate, L, between 0.8 % a1 and 1,0% a-’. the list under a) applies, however with the
exception that the gas permeation of the substitute sealant shall be the same or lower than the initial sealant.
4.2.3 Possibility of substitute the coated glass, coatings not intended to be removed
Available test reports in accordance with Annex D allow for the substitution of the coated glasses in accordance with EN 1096 (all parts) when the coating is not intended to be stripped from the area where the insulating glass is sealed without repeated moisture penetration testing according to ISO 20492-1 and, in case of gas-filled units, without repeated gas loss rate testing in accordance with ISO 20492-3, when the provisions set out in Annex D are followed.
5 Test methods
5.1 Adhesion
5.1.1 Principle
The test consists of preparing a number of glass-sealant-glass joints, some of which are unaged and some are subjecting to ageing regimes as outlined in 5.1.3 before testing under tensile load.
The test specimen shapes and bond preparations shall be as specified in Annex A. For insulating glass units with systems that cannot apply Annex A, the test specimen shall be 50 mm cut from the edge seal of an insulating glass unit. The shape of the samples shall be as similar as possible. Their cross-sections shall have a cross-section as near as possible to the test specimen described in Annex A. The number of joints is seven per exposure condition.
After manufacturing, ageing where relevant and conditioning for 24 h to 48 h at standard room conditions, the test specimens shall be measured accurately for width, depth and height prior to being placed in an extensiometer with an accuracy equal to or better than 2 %.ISO 20492-4-2010 pdf free download.

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