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ISO 20639-2015 pdf free download

ISO 20639-2015 pdf free download.Infant formula and adult nutritionals — Determination of pantothenic acid by ultra high performance liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry method (UHPLC-MS/MS)
Formules infantiles et produits nutritionnels pour adultes — Determination de Ia teneur en acide pan tothénique par chromatographie liquide a ultra haute performance et spectrotnétrie de masse en tandem (CLUHP-SM/SM).
4.8.4 SolutIons for the five-level standard curve. Transferappropriate volumes of the PA intermediate
solution (10 pg/mI) (42) into 10 ml volumetric flasks to obtain five different concentrations of PA
(0,08 pg/mI, 0,16 pg/mI, 0,32 pg/mI, 0.64 .Lg/m1 and 1,2 pg/mI). Add 500 pil of the IS stock solution
(20 pg/mI) (4..lJ.) and dilute to volume with water. The concentration oilS in each standard solution is
I pg/mi. Store aliquots of these solutions at -20°C for no longer than one month before use.
4.8.5 Ammonium acetate solution, c = 400 rnmol/l, pH = 3,8 (used for sample extraction). Into a
500 ml beaker, add (30,8 ± 0,10) g amrnonium acetate. Add about 300 ml water and stir to dissolve with
a magnetic stirrer. Adjust to pH = 3,8 ± 0,1, carefully adding glacial acetic acid (about 150 ml is needed).
Transfer into a 1 000 ml volumetric flask and make up to volume with water. This solution is stable for
one month at 4 °C.
1) This is an example of a suitable product available conimercially. This information is given for the convenience of users of this document and does not constitute an endorsement by ISO of the product named. Equivalent products may be used if they can be shown to lead to the same results.
5 Apparatus
Usual laboratory glassware and equipment and, in particular, the following.
5.1 Balances,with readabilityof0,1 mg.capacity2l0g; with readabilityof0.1 g.capacity4 100g.
5.2 pH-meter, with readability of 0,01 pH unit.
5.3 HomogenIzer2).
5.4 Stir plate with magnetic stirrers.
5.5 Filters. Syringe filters, 0,22 Im pore size, 33 mm internal diameter, Millex-GV PVDF (Millipore)3). Membrane disc filters, 0.45 urn pore size (Millipore)3) or equivalent.
5.6 UHPLC-MS/MS system, UPLC column. e.g. ACQIJITY UPLC®3) coupled with triple quadrupole detector equipped with electrospray ionization (ESI) source and T3 column (1,8 urn, 100 mm x 2.1 mm internal diameter; Waters Corp.)3J or equivalent.
6 Procedure
6.1 Sample preparation
6.1.1 General
lithe product contains starch, add 50 mg a.amylase to the suspensions and incubate for 15 mm at 40 °C to decrease viscosity and facilitate handling. Mix liquid samples well to ensure homogeneity and continue directly to extraction. lithe powder sample homogeneity is unknown, assume that it is nonhornogenous and proceed with
6.1.2 Dry blended powder samples
For dry blended/non-homogenous powder samples, accurately weigh approximately 25.0 g (In i). Add 200,0 g (m2) water at 40 °C before mixing until a homogeneous suspension is obtained. A homogenizer (5.3) can be used when necessary. Accurately weigh approximately 15,0 g (m3) aliquot of homogenized sample suspension into a 50 ml volumetric flask. Calculate the sample mass (n5 is the powder equivalent) using Formula (1):ISO 20639-2015 pdf free download.

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