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ISO 20774-2013 pdf free download

ISO 20774-2013 pdf free download.Cigarettes — Determination of carbon monoxide in sidestream smoke — Method using a routine analytical linear smoking machine equipped with a fishtail chimney
Cigurcues — Déicrinination du monoxyde de curbone dons le courant seLvndaire defumée — Méthade utilisant une machine àJu,ner analytique de routine Iinéaire équipée d’une cheminéc individucile en forme de queue de poisson.
5.4 Gas sampling bags, needed only if vapour phase collection is done in bags rather than by a continuous how system.
When a bag is used as the gas-collecting device, it should be large enough to avoid the final pressure of its contents exceeding the ambient atmospheric pressure. The volume of the bag shall also be no greater than twice the volume of the gas content collected at atmospheric pressure.
Collection bag material shall be suitable for carbon monoxide and also for carbon dioxide if it is intended to determine the latter. Tedlar bags are suitable for CO analysis, but will allow carbon dioxide to gradually leak out upon storage, so that their use would mandate an immediate quantification of the latter. Saran has been shown to be an effective material for the sampling of both gases.
5.5 Vacuum pump or pumps and flow control devices, capable of maintaining an air flow of
3 1/mm through each fishtail chimney and collection train.
5.6 PVC tubing, tubing of approximately 8mm inside diameter, 11 mm outside diameter, to connect the sidestream smoke trap, in-line flow meter. flow regulator, vacuum pump, gas sampling bag (if used) and CO analyser.
5.7 Timer, stopwatch, clock or timing device capable of measuring the elapsed time in seconds.
5.8 Flow monitoring and regulating system on each channel, comprising an in-line continuous- reading flow meter, capable of monitoring the flow with a resolution of 0,2 I/mm, followed by a precision flow-regulating device.
5.9 Primary flow meter, capable of accurately measuring a flow-rate of 3 I/mm to a precision of
0,1 I/mm, to be used in setting the air flow in each fishtail chimney before a smoke run. As this is a
primary measurement, the flow meter should measure the time needed to flush a known volume.
5.10 Soap bubble flow meter or alternative displacement flow meter, capable of measuring a displaced volume of at least the desired puff volume, with an accuracy oft 0,2 ml and a resolution of 0.1 ml.
5.11 Apparatus for (he determination of puff duration and frequency.
5.12 AnalytIcal balance. with a resolution of 0.1 mg.
5.13 Draw resistance testing equipment, as specified in ISO 6565.
5,14 Conditioning enclosure, carefully maintained In accordance with the conditions specified In
ISO 3402.
5.15 Length-measuring device, suitable for measuring to the nearest 0,5 mm.
5.16 Apparatus for the determination of diameter, in accordance with ISO 2971.
5,17 Barometer, capable of measuring atmospheric pressures to the nearest 0,1 kPa.ISO 20774-2013 pdf free download.

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