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ISO 20783-1-2011 pdf free download

ISO 20783-1-2011 pdf free download.Petroleum and related products — Determination of emulsion stability of
fire-resistant fluids — Part 1:Fluids in category HFAE
Pétrole et produits connexes — Determination de Ia stabilité d’émulsions de fluides difficilement in flammables — Partie 1: Fluides de café gone HFAE.
8 Test conditions
On agreement between the parties concerned, one or the following two test conditions shall be chosen:
a) Test condition 1:
test temperature: (70 ± 2) °C
test duration: 1 week
b) Test condition 2
— test temperature: (50±2) °C
— test duration: 3 weeks
9 Procedure
9.1 Prepare three flasks (6.1) of either capacity. However, if there is reason to expect much separation, it is advisable to use the larger ones. Clean the flasks by washing them with dishwasher detergent (5.5) and rinsing with potable water (5.2) followed by demineralized water (5.1). Allow them to dry, by a final rinse of acetone (5.3) or propan-2-ol (isopropyl alcohol) (5.4) followed by air drying at ambient temperature. Fill the flasks with the prepared emulsion (7.2) to approximately the middle of the graduated scale. Insert a cork bung loosely into each flask.
9.2 Adjust the temperature of the oven (6.3) to the value required by the test condition chosen. Place the stoppered flasks in the oven and maintain the oven at the temperature and for the test duration required by the chosen test condition.
9.3 Ensure that while the emulsion is being heated to the test temperature, the cork bungs are not displaced and the emulsion level does not rise above the top graduation mark of the flasks. When the emulsion has reached the test temperature. ensure that the cork bungs are inserted tightly to prevent evaporation.
9.4 At the end of the test time and while the flasks and their contents are still hot, assess the emulsions in the test flasks visually according to the categories for oil separation and creaming given in Tables I and 2. Record the categories observed for each of the test flasks.
9.5 Record the presence of any water separation at the bottom of the flasks.ISO 20783-1-2011 pdf free download.

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