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ISO 21216-2012 pdf free download

ISO 21216-2012 pdf free download.Intelligent transport systems — Communication access for land mobiles
(CALM) — Millimetre wave air interface
Systèmes intelligents de transport — Accès aux communications pour mobiles de terrain (CALM) — Interface d’air a ondes millimétriques.
a) minimize harmful Interference with other standardized regional radio units in this spectrum in accordance with regional/national regulatory parameters.
b) support individual vehicle speeds to a maximum of 220 km/h in mobile communication systems (but this requirement does not apply to static communications systems). and
c) be compliant with one set of regionallnational regulatory parameters, and may support other regional/national parameters as applicable.
Implementations of this International Standard shall, in addition, specify the parameters outlined in 6.31 to 6.3.4.
6.3.1 Spectrum
For global use, the millimetric radio part shall be capable of operating within the range of 57 GHz to 66 GHz.
For regional or national use, the millimetric radio part may cover a limited spectrum.
Bandwidth usage shall comply with national or regional regulations.
The radio part shall operate on those frequencies specified by the authorizing national regulatory body.
6.3.2 Transmitter power
The transmitter power of the millimetric radio part shall not exceed the maximum power level given in the relevant regional or national standard.
Power control, where specified, shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant regional or national standard. This functionality shall not be available to the user of the equipment. Over-riding the power control function shall not be available to the user of the equipment.
The operational power level may be negotiated between two OBUs or between OBUs and RSUs, starting from a locally defined initial power level, with the objective of best spectrum utilization.
6.3.3 Directlvity
The angular characteristics of the antennas used for transmitting or receiving shall comply with regional or national standards.
6.3.4 ModulatIon
Different modulation schemes to be used in the milhmetric radio part may result in different data rates. The modulation schemes shall be implemented as defined in regional or national regulatory requirements.
Where an adaptive modulation scheme is specified, a basic modulation scheme shall be used for a negotiation header. The modulation scheme neaotiated in the header shall be used for the remainder of the frame.ISO 21216-2012 pdf free download.

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