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ISO 23828-2013 pdf free download

ISO 23828-2013 pdf free download.Fuel cell road vehicles — Energy consumption measurement — Vehicles fuelled with compressed hydrogen
Véhicules routiers avec pile a combustible — Mesurage de Ia consommation d’énergie — Véhicules alimentés par hydrogène corn prime.
6. Tyre pressure
The vehicle tyres shall be inflated to the pressure specified by the vehicle manufacturer according to the test chosen (track or chassis dynamometer). Tyre conditioning
The tyres shall be conditioned as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Lubricants
The vehicle lubricants normally specified by the manufacturer shall be used. Gear shifting
If the vehicle is fitted with a manually shifted gear box, gear shifting positions shall correspond to the regional test procedure (see AnnexA 13. or C, for example). However, the shift positions should be selected and determined in accordance with the vehicle manufacturers specification. Regenerative braking
If the vehicle has regenerative braking, the regenerative braking system shall be enabled for all dynamometer testing except where specified in chassis dynamometer conditions.
If the vehicle is tested on a single axle dynamometer and is equipped with systems such as an antilock braking system (AI3S) or a traction control system (TCS), those systems can inadvertently interpret the non-movement of the set of wheels that are off the dynamometer as a malfunctioning system. If so, these systems shall be temporally disabled for adjustment to achieve normal operation of the remaining vehicle systems, including the regenerative braking system. RESS conditioning
The RESS shall be conditioned with the vehicle as specified in or by equivalent conditioning. Test fuel
Iso 14687-2 and the equivalent regional standards shall apply to test fuel.
6.1.4 Chassis dynarnometer conditions General
The vehicle should generally be tested on a single-axle chassis dynamometer. A vehicle with four-wheel drive shall be tested by modifying the drive train of the vehicle. When the vehicle is modified, the details shall be explained in the test report.
Double-axle chassis dynamometer testing should be performed if a modification for single-axle chassis dynamometer testing is not possible for a specific four-wheel drive vehicle. Dynamometer calibration
The dynamometer shall be calibrated in accordance with the specifications indicated in the service
manual provided by the dynamometer manufacturers. Dynamometer warm-up
The dynamometer shall be warmed up sufficiently prior to testing. Determining the dynamometer load coefficient
The determination of vehicle road load and the reproduction on a chassis dynarnometer shall conform to ISO 10521. Vehicles equipped with regenerative braking systems that are activated at least in part when the brake pedal Is not depressed shall have regenerative braking disabled during the deceleration portion of coast-down testing on both the test track and dynamometer.
6.2 Test instrumentation
Test instrumentation shall have accuracy levels as shown in Table 1. unless specified differently in AnnexA. IL or C.ISO 23828-2013 pdf free download.

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