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ISO 23907-2012 pdf free download

ISO 23907-2012 pdf free download.Sharps injury protection Requirements and test methods Sharps containers
Protection contre les blessures par perforants — Exigences et méthodes d’essai — Conteneurs pour objets coupants, tranchants et perforants. Repeat the procedure described in and for each of the remaining test specimens, using a new hypodermic needle to penetrate each test specimen.
Check for compliance with the requirements in 4.2.4.
5.4 Resistance to damage and leakage after dropping
5.4.1 Apparatus Means of holding the sharps container, poor to release in its intended orientation prior to the drop. Means of releasing the sharps container, such that its fall is not obstructed by any part of the apparatus before striking the impact surface. Impact surtace, which is horizontal and flat, heavy enough to be immovable, and rigid enough to be non-elastic under the test conditions. The impact surface shall be:
a) flat, so that no two points on its surface differ in level by more than 2 mm;
b) rigid, so that it is not deformed by more than 0,1 mm when an area of 100 mm2 is loaded statically with 10 kg anywhere on the surface;
c) sufficiently large to ensure that the sharps container falls entirely upon the surface. EXAMPLE A concrete floor at least 150 mm thick is suitable provided that it complies with the above requirements.
5.4.2 Procedure Condition the sharps container at (23±5) C for at least 2 h and carry out the test at the same temperature.
NOTE I Where transport of containers at low temperature conditions/exposure is of concern, additional test/conditioning temperatures as required by international, national or regional standards should be used.
NOTE 2 Single-use sharps containers are commonly placed in secondary transport containers for disposal; these are designed to comply with specift shipping and transportation requirements, such as UN regulations and ADR regulations. FIll the sharps container with a volume of water at (23 ± 5) °C equal to 1 % of the volume at the fill line indicator of the container. Fill the container to the fill line with representative sharps or a substance of density (0.2 ± 0.02) kg/i. If a substance with a different density is used, the target mass should be equivalent to that of the container filled to the fill line with representative sharps.ISO 23907-2012 pdf free download.

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