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ISO 243-2014 pdf free download

ISO 243-2014 pdf free download.Turning tools with carbide tips — External tools
Outils de tour a plaquettes en carbures métalliques — Outils d’extérieur.
Dimensions n and p. the 200 angle of tool No. 1. and in particular, the cutting angle of 100. are given for information only, but should be used unless otherwise specified, particularly In the case of tools delivered from stock.
3.2 Shank sections
For the particular case of external tools, only two types of sections are selected from among the various types provided for in Iso 241.
a) the square section h =
b) the rectangular section with a ratio of h/b = 1.6 approximately.
NOTE The choice between these two sections for any given tool is in accordance with the table for external tools, This choice is based on present-day techniques, but may be subject to revision in the future on the basis of studies to be undertaken by various countries with a view to establishing which type of section is best adapted to its purpose from a technical point of view.
3.3 Overall lengths
Only one range of overall lengths is specified, the length being a function of the height h of the shank, whether of square or rectangular section.
These lengths, ranged approximately in the series of preferred numbers
R 40/2 for h from 10 mm to 25 mm, and
R 40/3 for h from 32 mm to 63 mm,
are practically a linear expression in terms of h, no value departing by more than 5 mm from the minimum value obtained with the linear formula:
4 Definition of right-hand tool and left-hand tool
To define whether the direction of a tool is left-hand or right-hand, it is assumed that the tool in question is mounted on its base on a vertical table, with the leading face towards the onlooker and at the bottom.
In these conditions, the tool is defined as right-hand when its cutting edge is directed towards the right of the onlooker, and as left-hand in the opposite case. See Figure 1.ISO 243-2014 pdf free download.

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