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ISO 2531-2009 pdf free download

ISO 2531-2009 pdf free download.Ductile iron pipes, fittings, accessories and their joints for water applications
Tuyaux. raccords et accessoires en fonte ductile et leurs assemblages pour l’eau.
The test assembly shall be subjected to the shear load defined in 5.2.3; one half of this load shall be applied to the spigot on each side of the test assembly, by means of a V-shaped block with an angle of 120°, located at approximately 0,5 x ON. in millimetres, or 200 mm from the end of sockets (whichever is the greater); the sockets shall bear on a flat support.
The test assembly shall then be filled with water and suitably vented of air. The pressure shall be steadily increased until it reaches the test pressure given in 5.2.3 and then kept constant within ± 0,1 bar for at least 2 h, during which the internal side of the joint subjected to external pressure shall be thoroughly inspected every 15 mm.
7.3 Leaktightness of joints to negative internal pressure
The test assembly and test apparatus shall be as given in 7.1 with the pipe sections axially restrained to prevent them moving towards each other.
The test assembly shall be empty of water and shall be evacuated to a negative internal pressure of 0,9 bar (see 5.2.4) and then isolated from the vacuum pump. The test assembly shall be left under vacuum for at least 2 h during which the pressure shall not have changed by more than 0,09 bar. The test shall begin at a temperature between 5 °C and 40 C. The temperature of the test assembly shall not vary by more than 10 °C for the duration of the test.
7.4 Leaktightness and mechanical resistance of flanged joints
The test assembly shall comprise pipes and/or fittings with identical flanges, assembled together by means of the gasket and bolts defined by the manufacturer. Both ends of the test assembly shall be equipped with blank flanges. The bolts shall be tightened to the torque defined by the manufacturer for the maximum PN of the DN under test. The boft material grade, when not defined, shall comply as a minimum to property class 4.6 of
ISO 4016.
The test assembly shall be placed on two simple supports (see Figure 3) such that the assembled flanged joint is positioned at mid span. The minimum length of unsupported span shall be either 6 ON, in millimetres. or 4 000 mm, whichever is the smaller. This length can be obtained by a combination of pipes or fittings. but only the tested joint at mid span shall be considered.ISO 2531-2009 pdf free download.

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