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ISO 2553-2013 pdf free download

ISO 2553-2013 pdf free download.Welding and allied processes Symbolic representation on drawings Welded joints
Soudage et techniques connexes — Representations symboliques sur les dessins —Joints soudés.
5.4.2 Double-sided welds
In double-sided butt welds, each weld shall be separately dimensioned.
NOTE Full penetration symmetrical butt welds do not need to be dimensioned.
5.4.3 Flanged butt welds
Flanged butt welds are always full penetration welds (the raised edges are completely melted). These welds require no dimensioning.
5.4.4 Flare bevel and flare-V butt welds
Flare bevel and flare-V butt welds shall always be dimensioned. Examples of how to dimension these types of weld are given in Tabk5, No 1.6 and 1.7.
5.5 FIllet welds
5.5.1 Weld size
The letter, a, nominal throat thickness, or z, leg length, shall be placed in front of the dimension to the left of the elementary symbol (see Tahk.5. No. 2.1).
For fillet welds with unequal leg lengths the dimensions of each leg shall be included, preceded by the letter z, e.g. zi4 z28. lithe required leg lengths cannot be identified clearly using the welding symbol, additional sketches or indications shall be given on the drawing or in other documents. See Table 5. No. 2.3.
For fillet welds made on both sides of a joint, the dimensions of both welds shall be specified even if they are identical (symmetrical).
5.5.2 Deep penetration fillet welds
The letter, s, shall be placed in front of the required deep penetration throat thickness. This shall he placed in front of the nominal throat thickness, a, and its dimension as shown in Table S. No. 2.2.
5.6 Plug welds in circular holes
The diameter symbol, d, shall be placed in front of the required plug weld diameter at the laying surface, and to the left of the plug weld symbol (see TableS. No. 3).
If plug welds are to be partially filled, the depth of filling shall be indicated inside the elementary symbol. In the absence of a depth dimension, the plug shall be completely filled (see Tahh5. No. 3d and No. 3.2).ISO 2553-2013 pdf free download.

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