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ISO 26683-1-2013 pdf free download

ISO 26683-1-2013 pdf free download.Intelligent transport systems — Freight land conveyance content
identification and communication — Part 1:Context, architecture and referenced standards
Systèmes intelligents de transport — Identification et communication du con tenu des marchandises transportées par vole terrestre — Partie 1: Contexte, architecture et normes referencees.
5.1 General context
In a scenario of land international transport and logistics, it Is often difficult for a consignor and a consignee to know physical real time location of cargo after consigning the cargo to a transport and logistics service provider. Where a cargo is transferred from one haulierto another, obtaining information of the manifest at a detailed level is often difficult. Auditing the actual content of a consignment en route and monitoring cargo stress measurement information during road transport is difficult, especially in the case of sealed containers such as sealed ISO intermodal containers.
In the international context, an ocean or air carrier is required to report cargo manifest information to related authorities, according to the standards designated by I MO (International Maritime Organization), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)/IATA(lnternational Air Transport Association), therefore, a party concerned in an international air/ocean transport is able to track or trace cargo on a real time basis.
Seamless exchange of accurate, complete, and timely data at transportation hand-offs has always been important for efficiency and accountability. There is now a growing understanding of needs for security of transport information, and for transfer of information related to security against terrorism as well as theft and traditional contraband.
Transport information and control systems TICS (ITS) Reference model architecture for the TICS (ITS) sector — Part 2 Core TICS (ITS) reference architecture (lSO/TR 148 13.2:2000) identifies a Commercial Vehicle functional domain including:
“Transactions to maintain the TICS (ITS) information about a shipment from the time of the order by the consignor to the reception of goods by the consignee. The key TICS (ITS) transactions are to provide registers of service providers and to enable the goods to be tracked throughout intermodal journeys.
And deliverables in the ISO 26683 series of standards shall be consistent to this definition.
5.2 Road transport information exchanges for supply chain freight time-sensitive delivery
Some international shipments are entirely by the highway mode, others begin and end with motor carrier service and travel on other modes in the course of the shipment. ISO/TS 24533 focuses attention on an international truck-air-truck thread through the supply chain where the interfacing modes’ data structures and formats must accommodate each other to ensure efficiency and security from end to end, and shall be considered the reference for these aspects of road transport information exchanges for supply chain freight.
Rail, ocean transport, air and road are vital components of intermodal, international shipping. ISO/TS 24533 is focused on international end to end monitored supply chain operations where there is aggregated system visibility of all aspect of data to all parties involved.
ISO/TS 24533 specifies the data concepts applicable to the movement of freight and its intermodal transfer. It also addresses the business processes depicting the roles and responsibilities of the various participants in the international supply chain. While designed for international freight movements, it is as useable in domestic supply chains so long as the information/data are available.ISO 26683-1-2013 pdf free download.

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