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ISO 26824-2013 pdf free download

ISO 26824-2013 pdf free download.Particle characterization of particulate systems Vocabulary
Caractérisation des particules dans les systèmes particulaires — Vocabulaire.
focused beam reflectance method
method whose probe uses a focused light beam passing particles in a suspension or aerosol and which measures a chord length distribution (CLD) different from a particle size distribution (PSD)
Note ito entry: In order to compare results obtained by an FBRM probe with other measurement technologies such as laser diffraction, it is necessary to reconstruct the PSD from a measured CLD.
16 Characterization of particle dispersion in liquids
assembly of particles in a dispersed system into loosely coherent structures that are held together by weak physical interactions
Note 1 to entry: Agglomeration is a reversible process.
Note 2 to entry: The synonym flocculation has been frequently used to denote agglomeration facilitated by the addition of a flocculating agent (e.g. a polyelectrolyte).
assembly of particles into rigidly joined structures
Note ito entry: Aggregation Is an irreversible process.
Note 2 to entry; The forces holding an aggregate together are strong, for example covalent bonds, or those resulting from siritering or complex physical entanglement.
Note 3 to entry: In common use, the terms aggregation and agglomeration are often applied interchangeably.
disappearance of the boundary between two particles (usuallydroplets or bubbles) in contact, or between one of these and a bulk phase followed by changes of shape leading to a reduction of the total surface area
Note 1 to entry: The flocculation ofan emulsion, viz, the formation of aggregates, maybe followed by coalescence.
rise (separation) of the dispersed phase In an emulsion due to the lower density of the dispersed phase (droplets) compared to the continuous phase
Note 1 to entry: Creaming velocity has a negative sign as particle movement is opposite to the acting force.
microscopic multi-phase system in which discontinuities of any state (solid, liquid or gas: discontinuous phase) are dispersed in a continuous phase of a different composition or state
Note I to entry: If solid particles are dispersed in a liquid, the dispersion is referred to as a suspension, lithe dispersion consists of two or more liquid phases, It is termed an emulsion. A suspoemulsion consists of both solid and liquid phases dispersed in a continuous liquid phase.
dispersion stability
ability to resist change or variation in the initial properties [state) of a dispersion over time; quality of a dispersion in being free from alterations over a given time scale.
Note I to entry: In this context, e.g. agglomeration or creaming represents a loss of dispersion stability.
migration of a dispersed solid phase to the top of a liquid continuous phase, when the effective particle density is lower relative to the continuous phase density
Note I to entry: Maybe facilitated by adhering gas bubbles, for example dissolved air Flotation, or the application of lipophilic surfactants (e.g. in ore processing).
Ostwald ripening
dissolution of small particles and the redeposition of the dissolved species on the surfaces of larger particles
Note 1 to entry: The process occurs because smaller particles have a higher surface energy, hence higher total Gibbs energy, than larger particles, giving rise to an apparent higher solubility.
phase Inversion
phenomenon whereby the phases of a liquid-liquid dispersion (emulsion) interchange such that the dispersed phase spontaneously inverts to become the continuous phase, and vice versa, under conditions determined by the system properties, volume ratio and energy input
phase separation
process by which a macroscopically homogeneous suspension, emulsion or foam separates into two or more new phases.ISO 26824-2013 pdf free download.

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